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What Is a Spiritual Awakening: Steps to Go

What Is A Spiritual Awakening

What is a spiritual awakening? In simple words, it marks the beginning of a spiritual journey. This journey has several steps and experiences that help you make peace with yourself and the world.

In addition to it, you are more likely to experience spiritual awakening due to traumatic life events. It also happens in the most unexpected situations or times. But one thing is for sure that it always happens at the period of your life when you need it the most.

You also need to know that there is no method to predict when it will come. Also, there is no way to prepare yourself for this time. The spiritual awakening can shake your life upside down and leave you in a depressed and dark phase. But at the same time, it transforms you from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Wondering why you receive spiritual awakening when you are already living your life? This is because it helps you see beyond the conventional fabrics and illusions of society. This spiritual journey helps you to transition into your real and true life. To be precise, it is the life that a person means to live from birth, which is a life of true prosperity, abundance, and happiness.

There is much more that you need to know about the spiritual awakening stages. This is why we have mentioned the four steps that lead you to become a spiritual being who has the wisdom to understand the divine force and human power. So, read the article to understand the steps of spiritual awakening.

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Steps of Spiritual Awakening

You may already understand what spiritual awakening is. Now it’s time to understand how it happens. There are four steps of spiritual awakening which a person passes through to finally achieve spirituality. Here we have described all four stages briefly given by Joe Vitale, who himself has experienced this beautiful and spiritual side of a human’s life.


The first stage is victimhood, which is not really the stage you develop, as most people are born into it. Most humans are born with the mindset that we live in this world for survival. We also believe that the world is against us. Plus, humans think the world is not built to help you win. This is the most common thinking that people live with it from their birth till death if they don’t get to the second stage of spiritual awakening.

However, people are now understanding or getting to the next stage much more easily because of several wisdom and awareness books and movies like the “Secret.”


Empowerment is the second stage that revolves around the theory of the “Law of Attraction.” Of course, this step is easier than victimhood. It gives you the sense that you can have, you can be, and you can do anything that you want. This stage reflects the popular phrase “Nothing is Impossible.”

It is the time when you start to do things that you want despite any problems and troubles that come your way. At this point, you also feel more powerful and strong, and there are more chances that you achieve things that you are thinking of.


This is the third step of spiritual awakening that teaches you that you have more power than you can imagine, but you don’t have all power. At this point, you come across something that you can’t control, which makes you realize an important fact. Yes, you are powerful, but there is something in the universe that has more power than you. For instance, the death of your family member or friend is something that you can’t control no matter how much effort you put in to keep them alive.

But this stage doesn’t mean that you need to give up. Surrender means that you need to join forces with the higher power. At this stage, you will understand that the Divine has better things in store for you. So, when you surrender to that power, the true miracle and magic take place that you can’t get at the empowerment stage. Lastly, you can accomplish tremendous and surprising things at this point.

Awakening Itself

You can’t make spiritual awakening happen because your ego prevents it from coming your way. However, you can prepare for the awaking phase of your life. To receive awakening, you can practice meditation, make more time for silence, and do anything to clean your head. That said, it will come at the time when you are at the highest level of grace.

You can only receive this spirituality when you open your mind to welcome the unbelievable aspects of life.

Bottom Line

So, now you know what spiritual awakening is. It makes you understand that you have the power to change things for yourself, but there is a divine force that is more powerful than all of us. However, you can’t practice and experience it at any point in your life. It comes to you by itself when you have more wisdom and grace to understand challenging things about the divine world.

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