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Do Daily Wealth Affirmations Really Work?

Wealth Affirmations

An affirmation is a statement that affirms you in one way or another. Anytime you say something positive about yourself, you are saying a positive affirmation. Doesn’t matter if this are wealth affirmations or other positive ones.  So if you happen to say something negative about yourself, you’re saying a negative affirmation.

Do you realize how powerful thoughts and words really are?  As a result some say that they are the most powerful forces in the universe, as they can build you up or they can tear you down.

Dr Wayne Dyer – 5 Minutes Before You Fall Asleep – Positive Affirmations

If you’re after greater wealth, then it’s imperative to get to know and practice some wealth affirmations. As you recite these higher vibration affirmations, you’re getting yourself finally ready to receive more wealth. Energy goes where it flows, so the more you focus on wealth, the more energy you’re putting there, attracting more of the same.

Understanding just how important wealth affirmations, along with affirmations in other areas are, it’s time to start implementing them into every area of your life.  Use them for your finances, career, love life, self-esteem, spiritual connection, and more.  It’s actually easier than you think.

How Do Wealth Affirmations Work?

When you think or say something positive about wealth or anything else, you are essentially sending out positive vibes into the universe. According to the law of attraction, as a result you are attracting more positive things into your life, including wealth. Understanding this, you really want to focus your intention on thinking and saying all sorts of positive things about you and your life continually.

Do you feel lack? Then recite wealth affirmations daily. Do you feel anxious or sad?  So use the power of affirmations to relax you and pull you out of sadness. Force yourself to think positive thoughts and speak positive affirmations on a daily basis. As you do so, you will be able to change your mood and relax your mind.  After all, it is your thoughts that will cause you to feel anxious and sad, so if you can alter them, you can feel a whole lot better.

But keep in mind that wealth affirmations are not magic.  You can’t just say something and have it happen just like that. There are actions you must take as well. For example, if you start affirming, “I am a successful doctor”, yet you don’t take any actions to become a doctor, you’re not going to become what you are professing. Affirmations plus actions will get you to your desires.

Give this a try with the following affirmations you can use for your finances, career, love life, and health and wellness:

Wealth Affirmations

  • I attract more and more wealth every day.
  • I am a wealthy, abundant individual.
  • I have more than enough money.
  • Money flows to me effortlessly all the time.
  • I attract favor, opportunities, and affluence in every area of my life.
  • I am rich!

Affirmations for Your Love Life

  • I am a vessel of love, receiving and giving love in abundance.
  • Love comes into my life easily and effortlessly.
  • I am perfectly content while I wait for my soul mate to manifest.
  • I believe in love. Love believes in me. We make a great team.
  • I have so much love to give others.
  • I am everything I need. Anything else is just icing on the cake.

Affirmations for Your Work Life

  • I am happy in my career because I am always taking steps to better myself.
  • I am confident that I can achieve my career goals.
  • My workplace is a place of peace. I get along great with my boss and my co-workers.
  • I am creative and driven to be the best I can be at my job. I take time each day to allow creativity to flow through me.
  • I am open to new career avenues and growth.
  • I make regular effort to master my job duties.
  • I am advancing in my career consistently.
  • I trust that everything that happens at work will prompt me to be the best I can be in my career.

Affirmations for Health and Wellness

  • I am healthy and well mind, body, and spirit.
  • I feel young and free. I accept myself for who I am right now on this life journey.
  • I make the effort to exercise regularly and it feels great.
  • I choose to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.
  • I take full responsibility for my mind and body. I nurture myself on a consistent basis and accept me just as I am.
  • I put time and effort into learning how I can take care of myself in every way.
  • I am confident, assertive, and have a ton of optimism.


Get your own affirmation cards and read them daily to get fast results:
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Many people who struggled for years and years have experienced transformation due to incorporating wealth affirmations into their lives.  You do not have to struggle with negative thoughts anymore. You can learn to retrain your brain to go from negative thinking to positive thinking with just a little bit of effort on a regular basis.

The next time you are struggling with negative thoughts or feelings, just take some time to write down some positive affirmations or recite the ones listed above.  Then, each day read that list of affirmations sincerely over and over.  Eventually you will memorize them and they will become a part of you and then, you will see your thought life changing. You will experience a transformation and that will be a wonderful feeling.

Hi! We are Daniel and Reto from NoMind Coaching. What started for us with reading The Secret is now coaching manifestation and the law of attraction to others. It is likely that twins have the same interest, but here it is really the same passion. We both started with reading The Secret and were both equally inspired by the law of attraction concept and started to live our lives and find out what works and how you can use it in your daily life.

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