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Visualization Power For Successful Manifestation

Visualization Manifestation

William S. Gilbert rightly said, ‘Loser visualizes the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success.’ There is another saying that on visualization follows manifestation. We cannot register in our subconscious brain the difference between what is real and what is our vivid imagination. It is necessary to present a real image before our subconscious so that it can process it and figure out the ways to manifest. This way, we can exert all of our energy to bring our dreams to reality.

Why do successful people emphasize the importance of effective visualization? Because they understand the power of visualization. Our subconscious mind uses our vision as a map to guide us to achieve our dreams and goals.

Do you want to utilize the power of visualization too? The best way is to meditate. In this article, we will pen down what it takes to meditate and how meditation increases the power of visualization.

What is visual imagery meditation

Visual imagery meditation is the same as daydreaming. It is a process of visualization and manifestation of the desired scenarios by imagining yourself as a part of them. For the best results, we will recommend that you must incorporate all your senses, the sense of smell, taste, sight, touch, and hear for the formulation of a sensible image. You can reinforce the effects of the law of attraction with the power of visualization. Following is the breakdown of the meditation process.

1. Be clear of your vision

To make the best of the power of visualization, you must know what is necessary for you to achieve in your life. Check if you are clear about your targets or not. Are you confident or not. In case if you are confused, you must evaluate yourself, your dream, your likes, and dislikes. Give yourself some time alone by sitting in the silent corner of your house or walking quietly in the woods. Keep on asking yourself that what you want?

If it is about your career, then see which work soothes you and pleases you the most? If it is about getting a new house, then decide about the specifications of what features you want to have in your new place? Have a clear picture with you to get started.

2. Do the necessary preparations

The next step is to commence your manifestation journey. Like you pack a suitcase when you go out on a trip, you have to be prepared for meditation as well. It will smooth out your practice.

You can meditate any time you want to. However, we will recommend you to meditate on an empty stomach. That is when you wake up early in the morning or before dinner.

Choose a quiet spot of your house for meditation and ask your family not to disturb you for the fifteen minutes. Switch off your mobile phone as well. Wear a comfortable dress and desert yourself from the world to find peace and harmony.

3. Start meditation

After knowing your goals and making necessary preparations, it is time to start your meditation journey. You need to set a comfortable posture first. Either sit down or lay down on the floor. Relax and set your mind free from all worries and thoughts. Close your eyes, and start to take deep breaths. Inhale the positive energy and exhale the negativities. Let your abdomen expand outwards when you inhale and exhale while keeping the chest firm. Practice breathing for a few minutes and then breathe normally. You will feel calm and relaxed.

Now start picturing your future in your imagination. Make a vivid picture in your mind. Imagine that you are in reality, and everything exists as per your assumptions.

Imagine your successful career. If you want to become a CEO, make a picture in your mind that you are holding a board meeting with all BODs and representatives of your company.

Picture out your successful social life. Envision yourself hanging out with your friends, going on a world trip, tasting exotic food, and doing adventures.

You need to bring in the real feeling. Try to live your dream. Bring in the colors, the smell, the texture, and the feel to make your visualization as close to reality as possible.

Meditate for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

4. Finish meditation

Do not hurry to end your meditation. When you try to come out of your dream quickly, you ruin your perfect and pleasing vision. Take some time to for transiting yourself to a waking state from the meditative state.

Shift your focus to the things around you. Look what is present in the room. Move your body slowly. Stretch your muscles and open your eyes.

Try to practice meditation daily. Do not skip even for a day and keep on meditating until you realize the power of visualization and manifestation.

Final Thoughts on visualization and manifestation

Visual imagery is a compelling tool for manifestation. However, it can take time to bring in the desired results and test your patience and persistence. Keep on practicing the meditation, no matter if you think that you can’t make it, and soon you will see positive changes in your life. The power of visualization will help you transform your dream into reality.

Book recommendation
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