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Why You Should Wear Spiritual Waist Beads

Spiritual Waist Beads

If you’ve never heard of spiritual waist beads, it’s time to learn about them. And, get yourself some to utilize their wonderful properties. Sure, the spiritual bead movement has been around quite a while, but waist beads are just now growing in popularity in the West.

What Are Waist Beads?

spiritual waist beadsWaist beads are small beads that are strung on a wire and worn on the hips or waist. Traditionally, waist beads come from African culture. You can find them in all sorts of colors and shapes, made from beads, crystals, stones, and more. In many countries in West Africa, waist beads symbolize spiritual maturity, sensuality, and femininity. Today, they continue to do so. However, here in the West, they’re typically used more for aesthetic purposes.

Let’s look a bit further into some of the reasons women around the world are wearing spiritual waist beads.

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A Symbol Of Maturity

waist beads spiritualIn various parts of the world, beads are symbolic of maturity. For example, many mothers in Ghana put waist beads on their baby when they go through the “naming ceremony”. Some girls continue wearing the beads as they mature and grow.

In other cultures, a girl may start wearing spiritual waist beads when they start menstruating. This acts as a symbol of maturation. As they mature into other stages in life, such as marriage, they may switch out the spiritual beads for new ones.


Some women wear spiritual waist beads to be more sensual. Others may wear them as a symbol of fertility or intimacy. In some cultures, the beads are worn underneath the clothes, such as some women wear lingerie. Those that become pregnant may choose to wear waist beads associated with pregnancy. The thought around that is that the spiritual waist beads will protect the baby and mother.

African Pride

Spiritual waist beads are well-known if Africa because this is where they’re thought to have originated. Many women wear them as a way to pay tribute to their heritage. They’re proud to wear them as a way to connect with their ancestors and their culture.

Attune To Center

Some women wear waist beads to pay more attention to their “center”. By focusing on their stomach area, the beads can help remind them to stand up straight, breathe from their belly, relax, and move from a space of feeling spiritually centered.

Chakra Healing

Women have long been adding charms, crystals, and other gems to believe for chakra healing and to protect them from dense energies. Others add essential oils for the same reasons. The chakras can become misaligned or blocked for various reasons. By wearing spiritual beads, it’s thought that the positive, faster vibrations of the beads can help align the chakras. They help them start flowing better.

You may also set a specific intention. When you bring your attention to your spiritual waist beads throughout the day, remember that intention. Feel that the universe is already in motion to manifest it, and know that it will manifest.

What Kind Of Spiritual Waist Beads Should You Use?

The beautiful thing about waist beads is that you are free to choose whatever kinds resonate with you. You can create your own or purchase already made waist beads. Women from all over the world wear spiritual waist beads for different reasons. Some may wear them simply as an accessory. Others have specific intentions or wear them as a symbolic gesture.

As far as the size of your beads, first decide if you want them to hang on your waist or down on the hips. Once you decide, measure that part with a tape measure. Keep in mind some waist beads are designed to stay on you all the time. There is no clasp to take them off. You wear them until they break or you cut them.

Other waist beads are adjustable, which is great for those who are still growing or who become pregnant.

Where Can I Buy Spiritual Waist Beads?

They are sold in person and online. If you can’t locate a place near you that sells, consider doing some research online. Amazon is a great place to start, as there are a variety of waist beads to be found. Look at the seller’s feedback to be sure they are a reputable seller.

If you’re community has an African market, you may find spiritual waist beads sold there too. Some festivals may have booths that offer beads as well.

If you’re crafty, you may be able to learn how to make your own waist beads.

No matter how you get them, wear them proudly and enjoy the benefits.


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