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Spiritual Laws Of The Universe: What You Should Know

Spiritual Laws Of The Universe

It is human nature to be attracted by the luxuries of life and to obtain the sheer pleasure of pure happiness. We all do ponder over the future thinking about how wonderful things may get in the time to come. Naturally, these are human’s basic instinct, to improve and be better than what it was before. But there will always be a hold back in our lives, which influences us negatively.
Once we form mutual bonds, earn respect and have riches we tend to spend our times in protecting what we have and to gain even more. Somewhere in this process of life, we tend to just lose our sense of gaining happiness. We stray towards a life of misery and don’t benefit from the spiritual laws of the universe.

We never come to the place where we can seem to have what we wanted in our initial thoughts. Our dreams and our plans are ruined and we remain doing nothing of it. These unconscious beliefs lead us to self-proclaiming facts. The questions which we cannot answer are found in the practical spirituality called” the law of Attraction”.

This law is along the lines of spirituality. It deems you to come to a point where you learn to use your potential and invest it into something you desire. This is a life changer! You become closer to what you want to attract and your full potential will be released.

Understanding the spiritual laws of the universe

The force of attraction

Every aspect of life which exists has a point of attraction. The fundamental existence of life and matter is based on it. Atoms are the basic component that exists in the world and they combine to become molecules. Molecules only combine further to become matter. The nucleus in an atom has electrons that revolve around it and there is a force that causes the circulation. From this to the planets orbiting the sun, all of this has one thing in common which is the force of attraction. Call it gravity or the push and pull that exists all of this is one simple law.

The push and pull exist in every subject of matter, a magnetic power has always existed. And that is one of the reasons why one terrestrial body attracts another. Just like two molecules attract each other to become one.

The mind possesses great power over what comes your way. The fact” like attracts like” does implement itself on what comes a person way. Since because the mind does possess magnetic properties that can attract things in the eternal into the existing. Having good company and like-minded friends and companions who think of success and growth will ultimately bring success. The opposite will happen once your company falls into a negative aspect of life.

Anything that you can think of will always have a physical outcome. Your unconsciousness will be aware of your surroundings. You will be attracting things into reality even when you want to be far away from them. An attraction not only happens with thinking but also with what you feel, think and perceive life as. For example, a person who has debt may think about not having any more debt. But since his mind is occupied by the thought of being in debt, he or she will, in turn, attract more of it.

The questions come to mind that, our thoughts become reality then why is it that we fail to bring our dreams into reality. The answer to this lies in the principle of vibration.

The principle of vibration

This principle states that everything has a continuous movement and vibration. The change in the form of anything that exists is through the modem of vibration and the continuous formations are constant. The variations in the different forms of frequencies are what makes matter different from each other even though their energy may be the same. ”Quantum entanglement” is the mechanical concept of the fact that everything in the universe is connected through energies.

We are all spiritual beings and anything that we feel and have emotions towards also generate cosmic waves of energy that can travel through space and time.

This theory supports the manifestation of ideologies through our energies matching the events around us. Either we want to manifest them or not. If our vibrations match the event, it will happen.
The human minds tend to work a little negatively rather than being fixed on the positive side we manifest our time in thinking about the negative and the failures which may happen once we try to follow a path that may lead to success. Since we are manifesting negative thoughts either they be unconsciously we end up manifesting them. The thoughts of finding ways to avoid failures rather than learning from them become a point of struggle and this leads to the reality of a failed dream.

The object of your desire will always have a higher frequency of positivity. To reach that point in life you need to bring yourself out of your negative shell and push yourself into a void of positivity. For a fact, if the negative perspective in life can fulfil itself because of your vibrations, positivity is an easier manifestation and is more likely to happen. These are the spiritual laws of the universe. So simply changing the magnetic polarity of your mind will lead you to attract the object you desire.


What needs to happen will happen once you start to believe. But the years of broken dreams and the distrust in the process of life and multiple failures bring us to extending the time it takes to bring our positivity and the good vibes which are hidden within our minds and souls.

Reprogramming is a little difficult because of this but never impossible and one day it will start to transmit the right vibe.

Trust the spiritual laws of the universe

Everything you need to achieve your dreams will always exist in you. You will always have the potential to do so. Just believe in your views and perceptions. You need to work hard towards your goal and the universe will let you achieve what you want from it. Just trust the process and the spiritual laws of the universe.

Daniel und Reto

Hi! We are Daniel and Reto from NoMind Coaching. What started for us with reading The Secret is now coaching manifestation and the law of attraction to others. It is likely that twins have the same interest, but here it is really the same passion. We both started with reading The Secret and were both equally inspired by the law of attraction concept and started to live our lives and find out what works and how you can use it in your daily life.

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