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The Power Of Spiritual Affirmations

Spiritual Affirmations

The power of spiritual affirmations means, that the words we repeat and the thoughts we think both have the power to transform our desires into reality.

What is an affirmation?

A signal, hint, or a mantra about something that you want to get true is called the law of attraction affirmation. It passes through your conscious mind and changes your subconscious mind that is responsible for your willpower and intention to do something. Your subconscious mind is accountable for 90% of your daily activities. So, you need to activate it for doing anything. It fights with the negative thoughts running in our mind and successfully becomes dominant. It also transforms the adverse effects, feelings, or ideas about something going in your account to a highly positive one.

The phenomenon of affirmation’s working

Affirmations control your subconscious mind to solve all the issues going in there. When we repeatedly say some words, we are creating new pathways in our brains. Saying them over and over intensifies these pathways. So, with time, these words become more dominant to motivate you to do something. By affirmations, our mind visualizes what we are thinking. These visual images about our destination or desires heighten our will power.

How do spiritual affirmations work to bring changes in you

When you frequently try spiritual affirmations, you are willing to use words to change your thoughts. These words will either remove existing adverse effects from your mind or create new positive ones. What you need to do is to remind yourself every day about what you want to do. Strengthening your thoughts about your desires will improve your chances of availing success in it.

When you repeatedly say to yourself something like, “I will get the first position in my exams this year,” you are taking your steps and improving your willpower about it. This is how affirmations take you towards your desired point. Statements are advantageous in motivating you, bringing positivity in you, and finally achieving your goal.

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Rules for using spiritual affirmations

It is crucial to know how to use the law of attraction affirmations. Below are present three practices to consider when you are using affirmations.

1. Stay positive

Forget about all the tensions, stay relaxed, boost up your confidence, and remain positive. Try to think about those things which will bring more courage and positivity to your mind.

2. Never impose it on your mind

Don’t commit the mistake of forcing your mind to do it. Just relax and think about what you want. Repeat it frequently, and your mind will naturally get it.

3. Strong belief

When you have required self-confidence and firm belief that you can do what you are thinking, only then your affirmations will benefit you. Else, it is of no use to merely think about something.

Ways to Apply Affirmations

There are various ways you can adopt to use the law of attraction affirmations in your life. These may include

1. To write down your spiritual affirmations

Writing your statements is very simple if you want it to be. What you only need to do is to create a peaceful, relaxing, and friendly environment for yourself. Forget about all the worries, remove any negative thoughts present in your mind, and focus on your work. If you write even five affirmations in one sitting but with a relaxed mind, it’s enough for you.

2. Someone calling your assertions for you

You can also take help from your dear friend. Ask him to repeat your affirmations for you. When he will even say repeatedly
“You can do it,” this will give you a lot of strength too. The reason behind this is that you will feel more energetic and confident that even someone else thinks that you are capable enough.

3. Speaking your spiritual affirmations

It is the most famous method for using affirmations in your life. The best way of pronouncing them is to stand in front of a mirror. And call them with the required expressions. Speaking in front of a mirror is the best way to learn how to speak in front of everyone.

4. Recalling affirmations in your mind

If you can convince yourself about anything, you can probably convince anyone else. Just try to remember your statements in your account with complete peace and relaxation. Don’t hurry, don’t panic, stay confident, and relax. Don’t force your mind to do it; try to note your natural feelings and emotions, or else it will be of no use.

5. Recording your affirmation

It is a perfect way to use your statements. Record them with your best and listen to it anytime you want. This will give you the same energy every time you hear it.

Best spiritual affirmations for you

  • I can do it.
  • My life is good and I am happy.
  • I am satisfied with whatever I have.
  • My efforts will lead to great success.
  • I am harming nobody with my actions.

More positive affirmations for you: Affirmation Cards

Summing it up!

By practicing affirmations regularly, you will achieve success more efficiently. These affirmations will motivate and strengthen you and also remind you about your goals daily.


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