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How To Calculate Your Life Path Number

Numerology Calculator

Most people seek to learn their purpose in life. Understanding why we are here, our gifts and talents, and feeling like we have meaning is important. For those who enjoy numerology, learning about the life path number will help you out to learn more about your primary life purpose. Find here your personal numerology calculator.

What Is Numerology?

Have you ever seen patterns in numbers and thought they were a direct sign for you? Maybe you noticed the time was 11:11. Or you kept seeing repeating number patterns throughout your week.

Numerology is the study of numerical patterns. It’s the association between numbers and life. Those that use numerology firmly believe that it’s a mystical experience that helps them understand their present circumstances and can even predict the future.

What Is A Life Path Number?

A life path number is a number that tells you a lot about yourself, including your life mission, who you are, your skills, what you value, and trials you may encounter. There have been numerology experts that have been studying the topic for many years. They’ve created helpful charts that offer a great deal of information that will benefit your life.

How To Calculate Your Life Path Number

It’s easy to calculate your life path number.

Here is an example:

Let’s say your birthdate is July 1, 1974, or 7/1/1974. Begin by adding the month, day, and year. If you happen to get a two-digit number, reduce it to a one-digit number. The goal is to end up with a single digit.

First, break the year down to a single digit by adding them together.
1+9+7+4 = 21

Then, take that 21 and break it down to 2 + 1 = 3.

Here, the month and day are already single digits (7 and 1).

We simply add all three digits now: 7 (month) + 1 (day) + 3 (year) = 11.

Finally, add the digits in the number 11 together, 1 + 1 = 2.

The Life Path number is 2.

Or easily calculate your personal life path number here and get a free report: Your Life Path Number

Another Example of our numerology calculator

Let’s use the birthday December 21, 1999, or 12/21/1999.

Break up the year. 1+9+9+9 = 28, and 2 + 8 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1

Break up the day now. 21 reduces to 2 + 1 = 3.

Break up the month now. 12 reduces to 1 + 2 = 3.

Now, add the digits.
1 (year) + 3 (day) + 3 (month) =7.

So, the life path number is 7.

The only stipulation that comes with calculating your life path number is that you aren’t supposed to reduce the numbers 11 or 22.

Why? Because according to numerology, these numbers are considered “master numbers”. They are numbers that have special meanings all on their own.

Why Is A Life Path Number Important?

Once you find out your life path number, you want to know what that number signifies. According to numerology, each number has certain characteristics or traits that are common.

For example, if your life path number is 1, numerology would say that your strengths are having leadership qualities, quite ambitious inside and outside of work, charismatic, and optimistic. On the downside, some challenging characteristics may be that you have a short fuse regarding anger and you may be controlling at times.
If your life path number is 2, you may have the characteristics of empathy, compassion, and kindness. You’re highly sensitive and crave harmony in every area of your life. You may be a healer of some sort, or a mediator. You value harmony so much so you don’t care for conflict and may even try to avoid it at all costs.

Each life path number has certain strengths and challenges associated with them. It’s not an all or nothing kind of thing though. You may see yourself in some traits and not others. you may also see some of your traits in other numbers as well, as they can overlap some.

What’s Your Life Path Number?

There are some numerology websites that make it easy for you to determine your life path number. Like the above examples of a numerology calculator. You simply plug in your birthdate and the calculator will do the calculations for you. Then, once you find out what your life path number is, look at the characteristics associated with it for more information about your life’s meaning. There are various charts to help you out.

This is simply the basics, as numerology can get quite in depth. There are amateur numerologists and there are experts – all good! Go to the level you’re comfortable with and enjoy what you learn about yourself and others.

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