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Your Best New Moon Meditation

New Moon Meditation

New moon meditation is a great way to start practicing meditation. The basic purpose of the new moon exercise is to allow you to start a retreat to achieve an objective. As the name suggests, you can do this method until the next new moon. This meditation can help you create love, will, and peace within yourself. Moreover, there are various new moon meditations from which you can choose. However, opt for the one that goes side by side with your purpose of practicing new moon retreats.

The following are some of the new moon exercises. Spare a few minutes to learn about them.

Nostril Breathing Meditation

Breathing exercises are great for curing mental illnesses. Practicing this method as a new moon meditation can help you a lot. It will help you balance your mind’s hemisphere to give you clarity and stability during the new moon. Start by blocking the right nostril with your right hand’s thumb. Then, inhale through your left nostril. Next, put the left hand’s index finger on your left nostril. You have to exhale through the right nostril.

Now, again inhale, but this time through your right nostril. Block it again and exhale through your left nostril. Inhale through your left nostril again. Repeat this procedure for 3 to 11 minutes. This incredible meditation retreat helps you overcome problems like migraines, stress, and headaches. Not to mention, it will make you emotionally, mentally, and physically strong. This way, you will feel that your body and mind are getting better.

Chanting Mantras Meditation

Chanting mantras is one of the common types of meditation that are very effective. This is an ancient method but still widely practiced in the modern world. It’s better to chant your chosen mantra for 11 minutes at least. This will help you align your spirit and mind together. Yes, you might feel it a little weird chanting a phrase or word. But when you start practicing it regularly, you will know its importance.

Start by choosing a particular mantra. Choose any according to your life’s aspect which you want to solve. Then, choose a posture that can help you remain relaxed and stiff. You can sit on the chair or floor. Support your body with a blanket or cushion that can help you remain in one position. Close your eyes and do breathing exercises for a couple of minutes. Then, say the mantra 10 times while you are inhaling and exhaling. After that, say the mantra again quietly by moving your lips. Stop after 10 recitations, and repeat the mantra again without moving your lips. If you feel distracted, take your thoughts back to the exercise. Repeat the entire procedure till the time you have decided to do the meditation. When you are ending your meditation session, do some breathing exercises for a few moments. Then sit silently and think about what you are feeling. Your meditation will give you relieving results.

Reiki Meditation

Reiki helps to strengthen the aura around you. It helps you to prevent troubles, stress, and health problems. When your aura (an energy field enclosing a human body) is strong, it will eventually make a shield. So, when anything comes near you, this shield will protect you. First, you need to pray that you are open to accepting the reiki. Secondly, make a large Usui power symbol in front of you. Then, draw power symbols on all of your chakras.

Next, you need to call the divine forces and thank them for reaching you. Write down your intention for doing this practice on where you have made the symbol. Make sure to jot down your personal goals and intention to help the world. It will help you create your exact vision on the surface. Now you need to imagine that you are creating a light traveling from your heart to the hearts of the spiritual beings that have come to help you. Allow yourself to feel the entire spiritual world around you. Meditate on this method as long as you want. In the end, make a prayer of thanks. Lastly, draw a big power symbol on your body. Do this while thinking that you are disconnecting yourself from the meditative process.

Reiki is slightly difficult for beginners. It is much better to take help from an instructor that can guide you at every step. Once you learn the entire procedure, you can do it yourself.

Sleep Mantra Meditation

Disturb sleep cycle is a common problem. This can lead to various other health and mental issues, like depression and anxiety. If you practice meditation that can help you sleep, you are getting two benefits at a time. Firstly, you will solve your sleep problem and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Secondly, with meditation, you will likely control various other issues you are dealing with regularly, like a lack of confidence. Not to mention, initiating this meditation in the new moon eradicates the problem from its root.

Yes, mantras, usually, are a part of daytime meditation. But using one at night can infuse your space with a high vibration, leading you to sleep. Use the “Shattra Chakkra Varti” mantra. Its purpose is to eliminate depression, anxiety, phobias, insecurity, and fear by instilling fearlessness and courage in one’s self. Like all the other mantra meditation, you need to sit in a comfortable posture. Choose a good environment to practice it, preferably an open space like a roof. First, say your mantra 10 times with voice, then 10 times by only moving your lips, and 10 times without moving your lips. Breathe and relax. Repeat this procedure as many times as you want. Make sure to sit for a couple of minutes in the end to notice the meditation’s impact on your mind and body.

Bottom Line

Now you know about some new moon meditation that you can easily perform in your personal space. However, if you find any difficulty, you can take some meditation classes or seek expert help to learn the basics.

Check out Dr. Joe Vitale’s Ho’Oponopono to learn more about deep meditation:
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