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Best Meditation Benches

Meditation Bench

Meditation is a great way to prevent physical and mental illnesses. However, you need to maintain a stable and accurate posture for meditation, which is hard to get while sitting on the floor or in standard seats. This is why you need to purchase a meditation bench, which will help you sit comfortably. Not to mention, you will be able to focus more on your practices. So, read the article to find out about the best meditation benches.

How to choose the Right Benches?

The following are the factors you need to keep in mind while buying a meditation bench for yourself.


You need to be comfortable while meditating. This is why it’s crucial to pick the right height for your meditation bench. If a bench is too high, you will put a great amount of weight on your knees. It will make you extremely uncomfortable during meditation for a longer time. On the other hand, if the meditation chair is too short, it will put additional pressure on your ankles, which can distract you.

Mostly, bench weights fall in between 6 and 8 inches. People who have short height need to opt for the shorter benches. In contrast, individuals who are tall or have long legs need a taller bench to get a comfortable posture. If you are still worried about which height will be best for you, then go for adjustable benches. This way, you can set them up according to your height.


You need to pick a meditation bench that has a slight angle. It will help you to sit in an upright position. Benches with flatter angles, such as office chairs, provide poor posture while meditating. However, if you already have bought one, you can put something underneath its back to create a forward angle.

However, benches with steep angles are also not great for you. It will make your body sit in a forwarding position. In this case, you will feel difficulty in staying straight. The best option is a bench with rounded legs. These products allow you to find out your own angle that works for you.


You can find different foldable benches in the market. They have high quality and light weights so that you can carry them easily. Foldable benches are suitable for those who continuously change their meditation places or people who meditate somewhere outside their house.

So, if you plan to do meditation in different places or outside your home, bring a folding meditation chair.

Best Meditation Benches

If you are wondering which bench is best for your meditation, this section is for you. Here are some best products that have all the essential features that you need to dive into the peaceful and relaxing world.

SPOKO Meditation Bench

SPOKO meditation bench allows you to relax your muscles, improve circulation, and reduce stress and tension. It also helps expand your shoulder and allows you to sit in a comfortable posture. This is a traveling bench, which means you can carry it anywhere you want. Additionally, it gives optimum comfort to the knees and the lower back because of its perfect natural spine incline.

This product’s arching feature helps you get a natural curve, which gives you balance while you are sitting. Oh yes, you don’t need to place any cushions on it. The bench shapes prevent pain and discomfort while meditating. Moreover, this SPOKO meditation bench has a great compact design. You can even keep it in your travel luggage or bag. So, use it for any purpose like prayer or yoga.

Bean Bamboo Meditation Bench

This is another eye-catching and versatile bench that offers several features to you. The Bean Bamboo Meditation Bench features new magnetic buttons technology to attach its legs. The high-quality materials used in this bench makes it highly durable. Not only is this bench beautiful and innovative, but it is also convenient. You can take it on your trips and adventures so that you can find peace wherever you want.

As the name suggests, this comes from the bamboo, which also makes it environmentally friendly. The Bean also has worked on its legs, which give you lateral stability. Not to mention, its innovative and unique curved feet allow you get natural stability. Because of these features, you will get an accurate spine and pelvis alignment. Lastly, this bench offers you generous space. This means you can sit easily on this spacious meditation chair.

Simplysitting Handcrafted Meditation Bench

meditation benchSimplysitting has made this unique design, which you can’t find in any other place. You will surely get surprised by its good looks and creative designs. In addition to an extremely appealing appearance, this bench is actually handcrafted. This feature makes it completely different from others.

Moreover, the Simplysitting Handcrafted meditation bench has lightweight. You can easily disassemble it if you want to take it somewhere. Don’t worry. Reassembling won’t take a longer time. Only in one swift magnetic motion, it will get back to its shape. It also has a patented design, which promotes tremendous balance, breathing, and posture. You may also want to know that this bench has cherry heartwood composition, which gives it an excellent texture.

Ananda Woodworking Folding Meditation Bench

Ananda Woodworking Folding Meditation Bench comes in several colors. It also has angled legs, which give steady and firm support. This meditation bench has an ergonomically friendly design. It helps you maintain the right posture and sit straight. Furthermore, it had folding legs that have heavy-duty hinges. The features allow you to pack it in your luggage for your trip.

This bench also has comfortable and durable 10 oz cotton upholstery, which keeps you away from pain while sitting for a longer time. You will also feel less stress on your knuckles, knee, and other joints. This way, you can focus more on your meditation instead of struggling to find the best posture.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, meditation benches are excellent products if you want to get maximum comfort while meditating. However, do remember, all the meditation seats are not great for you. Make sure to consider the mentioned factors before buying one.

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