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Law Of Attraction Meditation: What You Should Know

Law Of Attraction Meditation

Meditation is a cricual part to the law of attraction, as you need to calm your mind to attract what you want.

A calm mind is like a lake when there is no wind. With water so transparent and still that you can see the fishes swimming underneath. But what if the wind starts blowing?

You can’t even see your reflection when the lake is wavy and the water is turquoise. A turbulent mind is like a wave pool. If your mind is distracted and always overflowing with emotions, you cannot draw your dream. You must bring calmness to your mind to make the law of attraction work. Read the following exercise to relax and prepare your mind to win the event game.

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Meditation that makes the Law Of Attraction work

Step One: Calming down

Find a convenient position in a place where you won’t be interrupted. Each workout will take about 15 and 25 minutes, so don’t rush. Wear clothes comfortably. Remove your shoes. Remove all your clothes.

Take long and slow respiration in your abdomen when you are ready. Keep it for 5 seconds, then slowly exhale. Respire again and track the body inhaled. Respire and note that your body has exhalation contracts. Remember to keep your air as you go every step.

You can relax in this calming exercise by paying attention to every area of the body. When the entire body enters a profoundly relaxed state, you will feel calm.
Breathe slowly, close your eyes. From your feet to your head, you relax the body step by step.

Take a reflective pause. Hold it, then exhale, for a moment. Feel relaxed? Feel better? Breathing is one way of relaxing. Here are various ways to calm the body and mind. Relaxation can contribute to stress. Anxiety, insomnia and sleep problems can also be alleviated.

Relaxation can quiet your thoughts and calm you. As you relax, your body always responds. You might have fewer rigid and more relaxed muscles, for example.
There are various ways to relax. You can find a way to calm yourself and feel tranquility.

Step Two: Calm your Body

Move the attention to your ankles softly. Just feel your ankles. Rest naturally on your ankles while you breathe in and out.

Bring the calves and the back of your knees to your attention. Do you feel the feeling of twitching or picking? Attract the calves to this place and let them limp. Don’t push, just give your air and let your body do the rest.

Turn your attention to your sparkling and knees. Feel the area here, feel the feeling. Then let go, breathe into that area. It’s all right to feel blank. Place each part for 5 to 10 seconds.

If your hamstrings are in contact with the floor or your clothes, feel the contact and send the breath.

Then shift your focus on your buttocks. When you feel stressed, the gluteal muscles contract. Relax the gluteal muscles and free the oxygen.

Think and naturally breathe into the pelvic area. Live with any feeling and let this place calm. Note that the body orders your area to relax whenever you transfer your mind to any particular region.

Step Three: Upper Body

Our belly is a very smart organ that can react in its way to emotions. Feel the feelings in the bottom of your body and help loosen your breathing.

Bring your focus back to the bottom. Relax and breathe into this place. Please spend 5 seconds, and move forward.

Feel your stomach, feel your belly, feel your chest. Feel like your chest grows as you breathe and contract as you breathe out. Just feel the muscles melting into the water as you relax your chest muscles.

Take care of your upper back. Keep your back, spine, and blades in mind. Breathe in and relax in the upper back. Stay with the feeling for 5 seconds.

Now, stay focused on your side. Start to touch the ends, forearms, and elbows by your palms and your fingertips. For 10 seconds and 5 seconds, put on your fingers and palms and your forearms. Then return to your upper arm.

Feel the elbow. Focus on biceps and triceps. Breathe in these areas and tighten the muscles.

Step Four: Rise to the top

Let your consciousness rise. Touch and relax with the tops of your ears. Go to your throat then. Allow your throat to easily move forward with every breath.

The mirror of our mind is our face. All our perceptions are poured into the nose. 42 facial muscles are present. It coordinates, syncs and creates hundreds of expressions. Take your face carefully. Feel your mouth, your mink, jaw, lips. Place each part for five seconds.

Be conscious of your nose. Feel the cool breathe you take in and the warmth you exhale. Concentrate on the nose bridge and the bone neck. Feel your cheeks. Breathe in and let your cheeks smooth out. Feel the functioning of your ears and hearing.

Put your consciousness into your eyes.

Now turn your head. Pay attention. Look inside your head now and feel the muscles of your brain loosened as you relax.

Fully relaxed

Your entire body is now relaxed. Feel the entire body. Feel the whole body.

After this meditation you are in the state to use the law of attraction in your favour. With a calm mind and a clear focus, you can attract waht you want in your life.

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