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Use The Law Of Attraction To Find Amazing New Friends

Law Of Attraction Friends

Going through life without friends or friends that may have a negative influence on you can be rough. If you’ve ever had the kind of friends that continually complain or drag you down, then you understand. Finding and keeping good, positive friends is something that should be on your priority list. Using the law of attraction to find new friends is a topic you may want to explore, learning to harness the laws of the universe in your favor – friendship-wise.

Good Friends Help You Enjoy Life

When you can navigate life with good friends by your side, life just seems richer. They’re there to lend an ear when you need, make memories, go on new adventures, and more. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Birds of a feather flock together?” Essentially, this means that people with common interests usually hang out together. Think about high school and how there were typically groups that hung out together: The athletes, tech lovers, artists, etc.

The Kinds Of Friends You Desire

What kinds of friends do you want? What characteristics are you seeking in them? According to the law of attraction, like attracts like. Therefore, if you’re seeking new friends, think about what you desire those friends to be like, and be like that yourself.  Focus your energy on those traits and as a result, you’ll be sending out the kind of vibes that’ll attract that back to you.

If you just focus on your negative characteristics or shadow side, such as insecurity or feeling unworthy), you may repel good friends from coming your way – unintentionally. Sure, we all have some negative emotions under the surface, but we don’t have to focus on them. We can choose to focus on positive emotions or traits that we have. We can heal wounds that may be lodged in the subconscious, and therefore, free up our energy to really feel and embody more positive emotions.

Raise Your Vibration

Everything in the universe if made of energy. We’re all made up of energy at the core. That energy has various frequencies or vibrations that range from low to high. The higher the vibration, the better.

For example, the emotion anger has a lower vibration. If you’re walking around life feeling and expressing anger, your vibration tends to be lower.

According to the law of attraction, that lower vibration tends to attract others with a similar vibration. They may be knee deep in anger, or another lower vibration like frustration, fear, resentment, etc.

To use the law of attraction to find amazing friends, make a commitment to raising your vibration consistently.  Take time each day to get quiet and go within. Meditate, breathing slowly, deeply. Even if it’s just five or ten minutes, be diligent about taking time to close out the world and go within.
Get aligned with your core self and Source. As you do, you’ll increase your vibration as a result, and this will help you attract friends that have a higher vibration! You’ll be happy to know it’ll also help you attract other positive things in your life, such as better situations, career potential, romantic partner, and more.

Be A Positive Magnet

Have you ever met someone that people gravitated to because they were so positive? So happy? Compassionate? They had a magnetic personality? All these traits emit positive vibrations, and the truth is that people gravitate toward that. They want to be friends with those types of people. The life of the party isn’t always the class clown. Sometimes it’s simply someone who has cultivated a high energetic vibration.

Therefore, if you want higher vibration, great friends, do your best to embody positive traits too. Be the friend you want to have. Even if you’re struggling with things like anxiety, sadness, or any other negative emotion, do what you can to embody positive ones too. Maybe you can use law of attraction positive affirmations. Or fake it till you make it, as some people suggest.

Envision Yourself Whole, Happy

The point is to see yourself positive, happy, hopeful, and the kind of friend you would love to have. As you do, you’ll be attracting much of the same in others. It might take some time to meet these new friends, but that’s alright. Practice patience as you do your part.

Conclusion on law of attraction for making friends

The law of attraction can certainly help you attract new, amazing friends. Take these tips into consideration as you get out there and meet people.  Offer gratitude now for those great friends that will come your way.



Hi! We are Daniel and Reto from NoMind Coaching. What started for us with reading The Secret is now coaching manifestation and the law of attraction to others. It is likely that twins have the same interest, but here it is really the same passion. We both started with reading The Secret and were both equally inspired by the law of attraction concept and started to live our lives and find out what works and how you can use it in your daily life.

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