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Law of Attraction For Weight Loss

Law Of Attraction Weight Loss

Perhaps you’ve heard good things about the law of attraction (LOA) and weight loss.  There are many LOA experts stating that if you’re looking to shed a few pounds, using universal laws like the LOA can give you the boost you need to see real results.

One thing is for sure: Plenty of people want to lose weight, but only get so far along their weight loss journey.  They begin taking action to lose those extra pounds, but in time, they slack off their plan and eventually revert back to their previous ways.

If you really want to experience the weight loss, learn as much as you can about the law of attraction weight loss path. Then, commit to putting into practice what you learn. Then, you’ll be more apt to manifest the results you desire.

What Is The Law Of Attraction

In a nutshell, the law of attraction is a principle that proposes that like attracts like.  If you think positive thoughts, positive things will come. If you think negative thoughts, you will be attracting negative things into your life.  In saying that, if you want to use the law of attraction for weight loss, then you must begin to think thoughts that match up with that desire.

Let Go of Negative Thoughts

The law of attraction will certainly help you with weight loss, but you’ll have to learn how to release as many negative thoughts as you can. While you may not be able to only think 100 percent positive thoughts, you can increase the number of such thoughts with some practice.Here is a list of common negative thoughts that hold people back:

  •  Losing weight is just so hard.
  • Being overweight is hereditary. I’ll never be thin.
  • I have tried many times to lose weight and never succeed.
  • I hate exercising.
  • I love food too much.

This type of thinking will oppose the law of attraction forces that want to help you in achieving your goal.  Take some time to gauge what types of thoughts you are thinking. Become a detective of your mind. Write down what kinds of thoughts are dominating your mind.

Are they more positive or negative?

What are you really thinking about you and weight loss?

It’ll help you to understand that thoughts become beliefs and beliefs impact behaviors. When you can start thinking positive thoughts about weight loss more, it’ll be much easier to believe and act accordingly, producing results.

Write Down Your Goals

Write your law of attraction weight loss desire down on a sheet of paper. You can write down your ideal weight, how much you want to lose, or your desired size. Then, take that paper and tape it somewhere that you’ll be able to see frequently.  By doing this, you’re using the laws of attraction to your advantage, causing the universe to go to work for you on your behalf to help you lose wight.

Use Visualization

Line up with your desire daily.  Visualize and see yourself at your desired weight.  Visualization is a wonderful tool to practice alignment with your desire, as it activates the forces of attraction within you and the universe.
For example, if you would like to lose weight and get into shape so that you can play in a recreational softball league, visualize yourself out on the field making a play or running the bases and speak about how good it feels. Feel the excitement as you come across home plate and give your buddies a high five.  Visualize this over and over every day.  By doing so, you will be building momentum and excitement on your weight loss journey and attracting things in your life that will help you with weight loss.

Take Action Daily

In addition, take positive actions toward weight loss. Create some action steps to help you work toward weight loss.  And, actually perform those tasks. The law of attraction goes to work for you, but you’ve got to do your part too. Performing even one small action each day will help you get and maintain momentum.

Use Law Of Attraction Positive Affirmations

If you are not enjoying the weight loss process at all, it simply means that you are not in alignment with the law of attraction for weight loss.  Readjust your thoughts and take actions that are in alignment with weight loss.  Here are some examples of weight loss positive affirmations that will help you:

  • I am so happy and grateful that I am at the weight that I love.
  • I love being slender and in shape.
  • Weight loss comes easy for me.
  • I am in vibrational alignment with my desires.
  • I feel wonderful mentally and physically!
  • I love myself so much!

Positive affirmations can certainly help in law of attraction weight loss. The positive thoughts and words spoken create law of attraction energy that help manifest weight loss goals.

Wrapping It Up

Weight loss is a journey, so think progress, rather than perfection.  Whether you’re using the law of attraction for weight loss or some other method, remember that small steps each day can help you manifest your goals. Be gentle with yourself, see yourself already having achieved your goals, watch your mindset and adjust as necessary, and know that you are indeed manifesting results all the time.
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