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Law Of Attraction And Coaching: What You Need To Know

Law Of Attraction Coaching

As you know, the Law of Attraction is not the only way to manage our life as coaching is neither. Certainly, it can be applied in many situations. Although it is available for all those who are committed to learning its principles, there are conditions in life, where these principles are not necessary. Or, it may happen that the law of attraction, it is less useful than other more effective tools.

What can an expert do for you?

Coaching for the law of attraction is generally a coaching path in which a professional helps you improve the way you think, decide and act.

By changing and making your thoughts more effective, you can make better decisions. This process leads you to act in the right way to achieve your goals. It is a simple definition, that encompasses a vast and articulated world. As you have already guessed, however, there are points of contact. In fact, even the Law of Attraction, requires a fair use of thoughts, emotions and actions.

When to use the Law of Attraction and when to rely on coaching?

When to use the Law of Attraction and when to rely on coaching is a question that many ask themselves. To give the definitive answer, think for a moment about your future and imagine some situations you would like to occur.

They could concern you: maybe you imagine yourself in a few months in full physical shape, while you train tonic and tanned, by the sea.

Or you may have a desire concerning with your job. You can imagine yourself in a future where you are rewarded. A more empowering situation, with better-paid job and more esteem by colleagues.

Or you could think about the next holidays and visualize yourself relaxed, skiing on a soft fresh snow, surrounded by fir trees laden with an immaculate coat, just like in the best fairy tales!

Now, not all memories about the future are the same. And if you read these examples, you can immediately notice the differences. For example, imagining yourself in excellent physical condition is something you will simply accomplish if you work on it. You will have to moderate your diet, constantly train in the right way, embark on a path of well-being and nothing else. It will happen!

This is because you are visualizing an intent, that is completely up to you. If you do what needs to be done, you get that particular result. In this type of desire, and in all those in which you have control of the result, you don’t need the Law of Attraction.

When Law Of Attraction is more effective than coaching

Think about it: what are you doing with it? If you work on a goal that depends only on you, there are no external factors that can prevent you from reaching it. This is purely a coaching theme! In fact, you may need to have a well-defined goal, a full-bodied set of motivations capable of inducing you to act constantly. You need also, a specific action plan and in general, an athlete mentality. All issues that coaching deals with, and that allows you to train.

Now think about the other two intents. An improvement in your job (but it could be the exit from difficult relationships, knowing the right person, finding the house you dream of, etc.) And you remember the example about holidays on the snow: these have something different than before. Can you see what?

I’ll help you: they don’t depend entirely on you. In order for them to happen, you will need the collaboration of another person, or more people, or external factors in general. In addition, you will need the opportunity. This is, the external starting condition for having the soil suitable, for planting the seed of your desire. If something is missing, your intent may not come true.

In fact, it is not granted that at your place of work there is a better position available now that you want it. It is not for sure, that your partner wants to fix things with you. It is not for sure, that someone wants to sell a house that you like. Also, it is not for sure, that shortly before your holiday on the snow, it snowed in abundance. And you can’t control all these external factors!

What to do now?

First of all, take some time to define what you want to achieve in your life in a year from now. If it helps, write down ten main events you would like to experience. When you are done, divide: which of these are under your control? You will not use the Law of Attraction for these. If you want, you can be followed by a mental coach to be more confident in reaching them. For sure you will significantly increase both the pleasure of pursuing them and the chances of victory.

For the others, you can make a further division: which ones depend in part on you? And which ones are completely beyond your control?

You will be able to apply the Law of Attraction to all of these.
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I suggest you to focus on goals for which your action has some effect. Not focus only on intends entirely random, or in the hands of external factors that you cannot control. In any case … Train yourself to exercise an attitude of “positive gratitude” on your life and expect the best, while working to ensure that it arrives, in the best way.


We hope this article has helped you understand how to find a good coach and why. Try to follow all the exercises that we have proposed and you will have good results.


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