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The Law Of Attraction And Letting Go: The Perfect Combination

Law Of Attraction Letting Go

Focusing in the law of attraction and letting go, how can you combine that? Many people try to find out how to do this, especially those who have had bad sentimental experiences.

If you search on the web, experts often seem to contradict each other.

In fact, some of them encourage to recognize our goals several times a day, and be persistent, until we reach them.

Can the continuous think of something, make us achieve it?

Other experts instead, invite us to let go. Why? Because when we want something a lot, we end up reversing the process of the law of attraction and preventing our dreams from becoming reality.

How can we solve this paradox? It is like reconciling two parts in apparent opposition.

There are two things that allow you to let go today when you use the law of attraction:

  • the action
  • meditation

I have repeatedly stressed the importance of acting to attract what you desire, more quickly.

In fact, when you act, you are more focused on the process than on the result, and therefore you let it go more easily.

So today we will focus on the relationship between meditation and the law of attraction.

The relationship between the law of attraction and letting go

When you identify yourself with your thoughts, you constantly move from one thing to another. Above all, you are focused on everything that your inner voice tells you.

You are completely immersed in the twists and turns of your mind, which constantly passes from subject to subject, from image to image.

Now, you’re not your thoughts. If you were your thoughts, you wouldn’t be able to observe them. However, this is what we accomplish by practicing meditation. You cannot let yourself go if your thinking is not well structured, so I recommend meditation.

Meditation allows you to gradually observe and calm your thoughts. When you meditate, you connect to a greater self and emit the vibration that will accelerate the law of attraction and attract what you aspire to. Why?

Because instead of “consciously fighting” to get things to win at all costs, you align yourself with the Universe.

You see, the desperate need for something reinforces its absence in your life. The signal arriving to your subconscious is a sign of a deficiency, something to fill up.

By meditating, you fill yourself with energy. If you pay attention to what is happening within you, you will feel your intuition and your sensitivity express themselves. Your resources and not your shortcomings are showing up.

So, by meditating, paradoxically you become more attentive to yourself as you step back on your person, letting yourself go to life with what it offers. All this in total agreement with the law of attraction.

It is precisely this withdrawal on your person, this “disidentification”, that will allow you this important process.

It is the main way to identify the vibratory frequency of which the law of attraction speaks. The intellectual and mental barriers built by your ego are really silenced: they leave the place to the infinite potential field of your deep being.

Here is a guide for daily letting go meditations: The Language of Letting Go: Daily Meditations for Codependents by Melody Beattie

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So, at the end of a meditation, it becomes easier to activate the law of attraction by letting go.

The difference is subtle, but it’s there in your intentions: it’s one thing to visualize something you need; another is to visualize the same thing as if you already have it.

Therefore, you must continue to visualize what you want to attract while practicing letting go. And for this, MEDITATE.

The more you meditate, the more you let go. You will be able to multiply the effects of the law of attraction in your life.

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