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The Best Meditation You Can Do Today

Just For Today Meditation

Mediation is the best way to live a healthy and happy life. It teaches you to deal with all the troubles and tensions of your life. These practices are also great for making your body and mind strong. The most important thing, once you start meditation regularly, you will learn to make quick decisions in the time of emergencies in a calmer way. So, altogether meditation techniques can help you more than anything. Thinking of starting from today? The following are some techniques that you can start today. However, these are not just for today meditation. You can make them a part of your routine.

Relaxing Breathing

Different techniques of breathing are the most common ways of meditating. You can say that this method is a natural tranquilizer for a person. However, avoid doing the procedure more than four times at once because it can make you feel lightheaded.

Sit straight and relax your shoulders. Now put your tongue tip behind the upper front teeth. Make sure to keep it in place when you are breathing. Once you attain the right position, start inhaling through your nose by counting till four. Then, hold your breath to the count of seven. Lastly, exhale through your mouth and count till eight.

This is one cycle of mediation. You can repeat the procedure three to four times. The most vital thing you need to ensure is its 4-7-8 ratio. If you feel it hard to hold your breath, don’t worry. You will slowly learn by practicing. When you start doing it on a regular basis, you can prevent stress from controlling your mind.

Body Scan

This trick helps you to take off the strain from your body. It’s great for people who have a busy lifestyle and find it hard to relax their minds by getting rid of daily troubles and fuss. You can try this meditation method when you come home after a hectic day.

Start by focusing on each part of your body. Moreover, feel your feet on the floor, arms at your side, and your seat in the chair. Assess what you are feeling. If you feel tired and can’t sit for a few seconds, you can perform this technique while lying. Observe if any part of your body is tight or tense. Try to ease or stretch these parts and relax your muscles. You will find it hard to calm your body at the start, but it is merely about practicing.


You may have heard that feeling of gratitude is the best way to purify your mind. It also includes looking at the beauty around you and acknowledging it. The gratitude indirectly teaches you that there are so many things that you have achieved, given, or in someway get. Other people may or may not have them. This way, your mind feels pleased and satisfied with the things you already have and don’t complain about the items you don’t have.

You need to practice gratitude daily. Choose any time of the day, such as before going to bed, after breakfast, or right after you awake. You will see the difference in your way of thinking. Start this meditation by thinking about any three things you feel grateful for. When you entirely focus on three great things in your life, you will recognize your life is totally a blessing and feel happier.

Try our gratitude meditation video as your just for today meditation:

Accept your Thoughts

This is the most common problem of people, especially those who often feel anxious and depressed. Your thoughts are like the devil. They have the purpose of upsetting you and ruining your entire day; negative thoughts also trigger you to make wrong decisions. Of course, when you come across thoughts like something will happen, your focus will be entirely on how to avoid it. Because of this, you might repel all the good things coming your way.

It’s common if your mind creates disturbing scenarios and stories. You can overcome these problems just by reminding yourself that these are just thoughts. You must try to neutralize them. Afterward, try to think of something else that makes you feel good to prevent these thoughts from spoiling your day. Or you can just take a deep breath and refocus on your present moment. Do this every time your thoughts seem to overpower you. After some time, you will unconsciously start doing it.

Mantra Meditation

This method is not just for today meditation. You can do this regularly. In this practice, a person needs to use certain phrases to push distressing thoughts, refocus attention, and regain mental equilibrium. The choice of a key phrase is yours. You can also change it according to particular practice and the thought you need to push away.

So, find a comfortable and quiet place. Calm your running thoughts and try to keep your entire focus on breathing. Then, say your mantra silently. Use this mantra to return back to the present moment when you lose focus or disturbing thoughts affect your peace. Repeat the procedure for 5 minutes. You can increase the time duration once you become used to it.

Smile a Bit

Smiling is a great way to eliminate all the worries, stress, and anxiousness from your life. When a smile flashes across your face, your body starts to produce various hormones responsible for making you happy. This means a little smile can help you go through a busy and tiring day. It can relax your body and mind.
So, whenever you get the chance to smile, don’t let it go. Not only are you helping yourself, but also you are spreading love to others.

Bottom Line

Now you know why we have mentioned that these exercises are not just for today meditation. These techniques are pretty simple, and you can practice all of them regularly to make your life as easy and happy as possible. If you do them once in a while, they can’t give you the results you are looking for, i.e., a life without stress, depression, and anxiety.

Check out Dr. Joe Vitale’s Ho’Oponopono to learn more about deep meditation:
ho oponopono

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