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How To Manifest With Full Moon

Full Moon Manifestation

The full moon is the most powerful moon phase when it comes to manifesting. It marks a time of heightened spirituality and celebration of the goodness we have already received. So it can help us amplify our abundance-welcoming vibration while aiding us in the release of negative blocks. It is the perfect time to perform a manifestation ritual, so we have prepared a complete guide on full moon manifestation.

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What is a full moon manifestation ritual?

The practice of worshipping the cycle of the moon has been done since ancient times. The constant changing phases of the moon signified the death and rebirth of all living forms. The full moon rituals were celebrations of abundance, gratitude, and fertility.

A modern full moon ritual would consist of meditation, spiritual cleansing, and self-care. As the full moon is associated with fertility, it is a good time for cultivating and nourishing femininity. Apart from that, this phase of the moon allows for heightened creativity, innovative breakthroughs, and reconnecting with your intuition. Performing a full moon manifestation can help with transforming into your highest self.

How to prepare for a full moon manifestation?

The ritual of manifestation can be performed outside or inside. It requires you to set up your own ritual space. When deciding the right spot, it is good to consider whether this space makes you feel relaxed, calm, safe, and at peace. Sometimes a little decluttering can go a long way to help you feel more at ease in the space around you.

After you have chosen the place for manifestation, it is a good idea to cleanse it and release any negative energy from it. For this purpose, you can use palo santo, sage, or incense. Make sure to source your spiritual tools from sustainable providers. Additionally, you can light candles, gather crystals, and decorate your space with flowers and herbs.

Here some perfect crystals for your full moon manifestation:

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A good practice is to take a cleansing bath with essential oils. You can use this time to ready your mind and body for the upcoming manifestation. An act of self-care is a sure way to set your intentions for the night.

Preparing your space and body for the ritual will help your manifestation by releasing all unwanted energies and opening space for your desires. The material and spiritual world are inseparable from one another, so taking care of your surroundings is going to heighten your vibration and help you attract better things.

How to perform the manifestation ritual?

When you feel that your body and space are ready, try to find a comfortable position in the ritual space. It is a good idea to start with a few minutes of meditation to clear any worries or blockages. Deep belly breathing and gentle yoga are also suitable for the beginning of the manifestation.

Use a pen and a piece of paper to write down things you are grateful for. Saying thank you to the universe for all of its gifts is a good way to heighten your vibration. A raised vibration will help you tune in with your deepest desires of the soul.

After spending some time in the positive energy of gratefulness, it is time to set your intention. Here you can let the stream of your consciousness flow. On a new piece of paper, write everything that comes to your mind. This practice is called freewriting, and it aids in letting go of any built-up negative energy. It will also improve your creativity.

When you feel ready to continue, write down the answer to the question: What do I wish to myself?
This is going to be your intention for this ritual – the thing you are going to manifest. Take this wish and break it down into three parts – I deserve, I belong, I am. These will be your prayer mantras. Repeat them as often as it feels natural. You can write them down and say them out loud at any point during the manifestation.

These mantras are specifically designed as messages of abundance. They do not indicate attachment or lacking your desire.

The final step in the ritual is to visualise. You can close your eyes and imagine your desire in different situations. Focus on feeling good about having received it. You can also use your enhanced full moon creativity to draw, paint, or dance.

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How to finish off?

You can conclude whenever you feel ready. Take your time and to slowly get used to your new heightened state.

You can modify the advice in this guide according to your needs and practice. Taking advantage of the full moon is a wonderful manifestation opportunity. Be focused on your overall well-being and enjoy the state of blissful flow these techniques will bring you.

Hi! We are Daniel and Reto from NoMind Coaching. What started for us with reading The Secret is now coaching manifestation and the law of attraction to others. It is likely that twins have the same interest, but here it is really the same passion. We both started with reading The Secret and were both equally inspired by the law of attraction concept and started to live our lives and find out what works and how you can use it in your daily life.

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