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Use This Ho’Oponopono Prayer

Ho Oponopono Prayer

Ho Oponopono prayer is an ancient Hawaiian meditation practice that helps you heal by accepting the responsibility for everything happening around you. This spiritual practice involves confession, reconsolidation, and repentance. Read the article further to get a clear idea.

Why You Need To Perform Ho Oponopono Prayer?

If you struggle to forgive yourself and others around you, then this is an ideal spiritual practice. This healing method helps you find comfort through a healing process. Moreover, this forgiveness meditation works as a tool for resorting balance and self love and a communication concept for reconciliation.

Ho Oponopono spiritual practice involves mantras for self-love, and it is super simple to perform. The word ho Oponopono means to “make things right”. Chanting this prayer several times in a day can help you cleanse your body from shame, guilt, ill will, haunting memories, or bad feelings. Because of its controlling power, it also prevents negative thoughts from conquering your mind.

What’s more, the prayer helps you forget the problems of the past, allowing you to work for your future.

How to Perform Ho Oponopono Meditation

There are four steps involved in a Ho Oponopono prayer. Every step has its own meaning and purpose, and also influences your mind and body differently. It is important to perform all the four steps, buthe order is not that important.

Step#1: Repentance (I Am Sorry)

In the first step, you need to realize that you are responsible for everything that is on your mind, even if you believe that it is out there. When you understand your responsibility, it is natural to feel sorry. It might be challenging for you to accept the responsibility of everything that is happening outside. For instance, if a tornado has damaged houses, you need to think that something in your consciousness has created the tornado.

This type of realization can be painful, and you may even try to resist taking its responsibility initially. The best way to get acquaintance with this procedure would be to start considering yourself accountable for the things you have done. Have you gained weight? Do you have anger issues? Have you taken alcohol, nicotine, or other substances in your life? If yes, start from these, and say you are sorry.

Step#2: Ask Forgiveness (Please Forgive Me)

In this step, you will be asking for forgiveness. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go to someone else and say it. Just ask yourself, PLEASE FORGIVE ME.
Say it multiple times in your heart. It will help you completely take the responsibility of the things that you are sorry for.

Step#3: Gratitude (Thank You)

Again it doesn’t matter who you are saying it to, just say it loud or in your heart, “Thank You”. Thank everything that comes in your mind.

Thank your body that it has helped you do the regular activities. Thank God for your achievements and success. Thank yourself for trying too hard to become the best you can be. Thank everything so that it can forgive you. The feeling of gratitude allows more happiness and success to come in your life.

Step#4: Love (I Love You)

You can also do this step first. Say I love you to everything that you have thanked for. Say it to your body, God, and things around you. You can say I love you to the air that helps you breathe and the house that gives you shelter.

Since there is nothing as powerful as love, it will help you heal and find peace.

What Methods You Can Use For Ho Oponopono Meditation

Generally, people see mediation as a technique-based activity. You need to sit down, cross your leg, maintain focus, and start saying the mantra out loud. While it is true that this process help you concentrate on your meditation more easily, you can also use other methods to practice Ho’Oponopono prayer.

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Here are some ways that you can opt for.

Write In Your Journal

As the primary purpose of this spiritual technique is to find peace through forgiveness and feeling gratitude for things you have, you can do it through writing. Instead of chanting mantras out loud, writing it on a journal can be equally effective.

Having a prayer journal will also help you remind yourself about the things that you have felt grateful for.

Listen To Meditation Audio

Another excellent way to perform this technique is to listen to audio. It is an ideal option for beginners who are struggling to understand the steps. Watching several Ho Oponopono prayer videos will also allow you to get ideas of different things that you can feel grateful for.

In this method, you need to close your eyes and listen to the audio. Make sure to recite the prayer along with your coach or audio to enjoy its benefits.

Practice it While Running

While you are running or jogging in nature, you can find plenty of things to feel grateful for. You can perform this method in two ways. You can either hear an audio while jogging or simply chant mantras. Both methods are equally impactful. Just try maintaining your focus on the things you are saying.

Bottom Line

Ho Oponopono is a simple meditation technique that offers you great results. It helps you find peace, happiness, motivation, and inspiration in your life. No matter what method you choose to practice it, just make sure that you are saying every word from your heart. Apart from this, it is also important to truly believe everything that you are saying to ensure this meditation is effective.

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