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Ho’Oponopono: What Exactly Is It?

Ho Oponopono

Ho Oponopono (or Ho’Oponopono) is an ancient Hawaiian method of solving problems and turmoil in oneself. The original folks of Hawaiians or the first people of this state developed this method and practiced it. These practices are linked with Hawaii, but it is a common old practice of the people of all islands in the Pacific, such as New Zealand, Tahiti, and Samoa. Mornah Simeona was the teacher of this spiritual method, who brought this treasure to us and simplified them for modern times.

Furthermore, these practices are pretty simple and don’t require years of learning to practice them. Yet, it is powerful to get rid of hurtful feelings and memories that keep your mind in a negative world and purify your body. Because of its surprising benefits, different people have adopted this method to make other people’s life easy. These teachers are the ones who spread the awareness of this method, which we will discuss later.

Listen to these ho’oponopono prayers:

Where It Comes From?

The term Ho’Oponopono is an ancient word and indicated a practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. The word “ho’o” means “cause” in Hawaiian, and “ponopono” has meanings like correctness or perfection. The translation of the word ho’oponopono is “make it right” or “correct a mistake.”

The simple translation of this word in English is ‘correction.’ Moreover, the synonym of this term is to supervise or manage, while the antonym is careless. As we have already mentioned, it is an ancient practice, and the native Hawaiian healers perform the traditional method and practice these spiritual ways within their family. However, this technique is now used globally by people who belong to different cultures, languages, and countries. They usually use the modern technique of Ho’oponopono.

Who Were The Teachers of Ho Oponopono?

Mornah Nalamaku Simeona originally practiced and taught this technique. She was the greatest healer in the 20th century and got the honor in 1983 as Hawaii’s living treasure. Mornah was teaching forgiveness methods from small to large groups of people belonging to different colleges, hospitals, and even United Nation Officials. To promote the awareness of this method, she developed a foundation named “The Foundation of I.”

Mornah has transformed this healing process in a way that the practitioner can practice it alone without anyone’s help. Like the old times, you also don’t need to interact with specific people to practice this method. Later, the world recognized these teachings because of Joe Vitale. He wrote the books “The Attractor Factor” and “Zero Limits.” Joe Vitale is popular as a writer, internet marketer, and speaker about self-improvement. His work, especially Zero Limits, has helped the world to understand the mechanism of the Ho Oponopono.

Check out Dr. Joe Vitale’s Ho’Oponopono training:
ho oponopono

Zero Limits also states the abilities of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. He was a student of Mornah Simeona. He is the practitioner of the modern technique and the first person who witnessed and confirmed the healing powers of this miracle method. Dr. Hen Law closely studied this method and further simplified and improved the teachings of Mornah.

He worked as a psychologist from 1984 to 1987 in the Hawaii State Hospital. He had the duty to oversee the high-security unit of male criminal patients. These patients were those who had committed rapes, murders, and assaults. But after three years, this facility stopped using ankle and wrist restraints. The violence and fight were common in this facility, which surprisingly ended at this point. Even this facility was not needed; people just got healed and moved back to the non-violent wards. This happened because Dr. Hew Len used the ancient Hawaii technique to ease the problem of these criminals.

Benefits of Ho Oponopono

There are several astonishing benefits of practicing Ho’oponopono. A person can change all fields of their life by just practicing this ancient Hawaii technique. Some of the primary benefits that you can witness after these practices are:

Cleansing of Cellular Memories

Do you face problems like reliving a traumatic experience many times, such as watching a movie in your head that you have seen before?

This happens because all your worries, fears, and pains produce and store in your cellular memory. Ho Oponopono helps to clean and neutralize one’s memories to prevent uncomfortable and suffering sensations.

Increase Control on One’s Self

At first, you may feel that taking responsibility is a worthless and stupid act. However, with time, you will observe how proactive and independent you have become.

When you leave the idea that suffering comes from uncontrollable and external factors, it is possible that you may transform your beliefs and limit the victimization stance. This, in turn, increases your personal power.

Higher Emotional Stability

Obviously, once you realize the negative energies, you will get an immense emotional balance and control over your feelings. This means that you don’t have any blocks to feel happy and fulfilled, which gives more room for inner peace and insights.

Not to mention, the practitioner of this forgiveness method also gets the freedom from obeying the negative thoughts. This makes you a calm and positive person, even in times of problems and adversity.

Extraordinary Healthier Relationships

It is a common belief that whenever a person gets into a conflict, fight, or misunderstanding, they tend to think the opposite person is wrong.

But this method helps you avoid this passive mentality so that the practitioner can take the responsibility that they are part of this problem. Once they change, their relationship with others also becomes stronger and healthy.

Hawaiian Forgiveness Method

This method is pretty simple, and you can easily do this through the mentioned four methods, which include Repentance, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Love. The order doesn’t matter; you can start with whichever step you want. In any way, you are going to feel the healing power within yourself.

The best part is, you can do this alone yourself. You don’t need someone’s presence and to say the words to someone. Just simple, say the terms, which we are going to mention, to yourself or in your head. The power is in the willingness and the feeling of the Universe to love and forgive.


You are responsible for every thought running in your mind, even when you think it is actually present in this world. When you realize this, you will naturally feel sorry. For instance, if you hear about the tornado, you will feel guilt that something in your consciousness has developed this problem or idea. Moreover, if someone’s bone gets broken, you will feel sorry that your thought has caused it.

Yes, this feeling and realization can hurt you. You will also try to avoid taking responsibility for the things “out there.” However, when you start accepting the responsibilities for the issues “in here,” you will gradually learn to apply this method for all the problems in the world.

Start by picking the problem you have created for yourself. Is it over-weight or addiction to alcohol or nicotine? Do you have a health problem or anger issues? Go with these types of things and say to yourself that you are sorry. This is the step, “I Am Sorry.” It becomes more powerful if you start saying it clearly. For instance, I realize that I am responsible for my obesity, and I feel terribly guilty for something in my consciousness that has created this problem.


It is also easy, and you only need to ask for forgiveness. Wondering to whom you need to ask?

Don’t think about it who to ask. Just ask and say, Please Forgive Me. Try to say it as many times as you can. Remember the problem you have chosen in the first step; you need to ask forgiveness for that.


In this step, you need to say Thank You. Again, it doesn’t matter what you are thanking for and whom you are thanking. Just thank your body for all the things it has done for you. You can thank yourself for trying to do the best for yourself. Thank the Universe. Thank God. You can thank whatever comes to your mind. Just keeping repeating the word THANK YOU.

Step#4: LOVE

You can also do this as your first step. Say I Love You to anything or anyone. Say I Love You to the air or God. You can say it to your house that gives you shelter. Say this word to your challenges. Just simply say it over and over for the things that you are thinking. Make sure to feel it. Do remember that there is nothing powerful than love.

This is the entire method of forgiveness that you can do anywhere, anytime, and as many times as you want. Make sure to do all the steps to see the amazing and powerful results.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Ho Oponopono is an ancient method that is helping people for ages. Now it is becoming common in the world because of its surprising and plenty of benefits. Not to mention, it is also easy and simple. This is why anyone can practice this technique.

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