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How to Use Ho’oponopono in Your Meditation

Ho Oponopono Meditation

If you are wondering how to benefit from Ho oponopono meditation, you need to read this article further. Here is what you need to know about this meditation method.

Steps of Ho’oponopono and Their Meaning

Ho’oponopono is the best healing method that can help you deal with any problem in your life. Whether it’s finance, relationship, health, and other problems, you can use this technique to solve these issues.

Here are the four steps of Ho’oponopono that one needs to follow.

Step 1: I’m Sorry

This step, also known as repentance, helps people realize that they are responsible for the things in their minds. In fact, you are responsible for things happening outside. Of course, when you accept that, you will naturally feel sorry for yourself. You need to say SORRY for every destruction and problem in work. This might be challenging for you to accept, and your ego will definitely feel hurt to take all the blame for the wrongdoings in the world. But after practicing, you can see the miraculous results of this technique.

The best way to start practicing Ho’oponopono is by opting for a thing that you have done. Are you gaining weight day by day? Are you addicted to alcohol, nicotine, or any other substance? Do you have health problems? Self-esteem and anger issues? By starting from your own mistakes, you will be able to feel sorry more easily.

Additionally, if you say “I am sorry” out loud in clear words, you will be able to see the results quickly. For instance, you can say that I realize that I am responsible for developing obesity, and I feel sorry that I may have allowed this.

Step 2: Please Forgive Me

This is another tricky step that you need to do. At this point, you need to ask forgiveness for the thing you are sorry for. Don’t worry about who you should ask. Just ask! Please Forgive Me. You need to say it over and over again. Make sure to say it with all your heart. Additionally, keep the thing in mind for which you are feeling sorry while asking for forgiveness.

Step 3: Thank You

In this step, you need to feel gratitude for everything you have. Say “Thank you” again and again; it doesn’t matter what or who you are thinking about while saying it. Just say Thanks to your body for being on your side in all the hard times. Thank yourself for trying so much to get success in your life. Then thank God. Thank the universe. Just keep saying it to whatever comes to your mind.

Step 4: I Love You

This is the last step that you can call love. You need to embrace the feeling of love for everything you have and around you. Say “I Love You” to anything that you remember. You can say I love you to your body, life, and house. Not to mention, you can say I love you to the air you breathe in and to your family who support you.

Remember that you don’t need to reach out to the person to say that you love them. Just say it loud in the air without being in the presence of someone. Only think about the things to which you can want to say love you.

How to Use Ho’oponopono in Your Meditation?

Using Ho’oponopono in your meditation is pretty easy. Ho oponopono meditation can calm your body and mind when you feel restless, depressed, anxious, or stressed. The best part is that you can practice this meditation from anywhere you want. However, when you are doing it the first time, it’s better to sit quietly in a peaceful environment. Plus, you can choose morning time to practice it.

Sit on the floor with cross legs or on a chair, and close your eyes. Elongate or straighten your spine. Make sure to align your head with your spine. Loosen your jaw and tilt your chin slightly down. When you finally adjust your posture, you need to take deep breaths into your belly and lungs, count till four, and then exhale. Do this detoxifying breathing a couple of times. When you feel calm, relax, and ready, it’s time to repeat the mantra.

Start saying I am Sorry in the way we have mentioned above. Do this a few times until you start feeling sorry. Then, it’s time to ask for forgiveness. Say Please forgive me, and keep in mind the things you had felt sorry for. Once done with it, say Thank You for everything. And then, finally, say out loud I Love You. So, this is it. These are the things that you need to practice for Ho’oponopono mediation.

As we have discussed, you don’t need to always sit in a quiet place for meditation. If you feel depressed, worry, or sad, you can do this meditation at any time, such as while driving the car or cooking food. Also, you can say the mantras in your mind if you are in a crowded place. Are you still confused about how you have to perform this meditation? You can check this Ho’oponopono meditation video that aims to help you perform this task without any hurdle.

Bottom Line

Ho oponopono meditation is a simple yet effective technique that you can use for any reason. If you are struggling in your life or feel worried about your future, you can practice this meditation to find peace and relaxation.

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