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Find the Best Group to Meditate Together

Group Meditation

Group meditation is the best way to keep yourself motivated to commit to a certain meditation retreat. This is perfect for people who feel bored while practicing meditation alone. However, not all meditation groups are suitable for you. Learn how you can find the best option for you.

Factors to Consider

Finding the best group meditation is not that difficult if you know the trick. You only need to search on the internet and type something like “group meditation near me.” Plenty of options will come up on your screen. But how can you decide which is best for you? Just keep the following factors in your mind when choosing a meditation group.

Trained Instructor

Your instructor must have years of experience. The more experience they have, the more easily you will learn to meditate. Some people start teaching meditation after practicing retreat for only a couple of months or years.

So, choose a group that has a professional instructor. When you find a place, dig deeply about the experience level and aim of the instructor. If it suits your preferences, then go for it. If not, continue your hunt.

Type of Practice

Okay, don’t start searching for a group without knowing what type of meditation retreat you are looking for. There are many meditation methods, from reiki to breathing meditation and Kadampa to Gong meditation. So, what you want to do?

Furthermore, some practices help you to achieve a certain goal. This is why you also need a clear objective for meditation. Once you come up with all the answers, look for the group that offers your preferred meditation retreat.

Peaceful Environment

The key to attaining your goal through meditation is a peaceful environment. Have you ever seen someone meditating in a noisy place? You need a quiet, less-crowded location, preferably surrounded by nature.

This is why look for a group that organizes sessions at the best possible places. It’s more than great if you find one that gives classes near the mountains or forest. Meditation on any open roof is also a great idea, as you will witness the serenity and beauty of nature.

Close to your Home

Of course, you need to choose a meditation center close to your home. The primary purpose of all types of meditation is to relax your mind. But if you have to get to a place that is far from your home, you might leave your home in a rush. The headache of reaching a place on time can only leave a person frustrated or stressed.

Because of these reasons, you should opt for a group that is near to your location. In case you can’t find one, choose the right time for it. Make sure that you don’t have to do other work right before or after your session. This way, you can easily reach your meditation center without stress.


You might think that practicing in large groups will be fun. But that’s not true at all. Mostly, in group meditations, there is only one instructor to guide everyone. So, think about how one person can help everyone or monitor their postures? This is certainly impossible to achieve. Not to mention, practicing in large groups also makes it difficult for you to concentrate or follow your teacher’s instruction.

This is why make sure to choose smaller groups of 10 to 15 people. You will enjoy and learn more and achieve the desired results.

Group Sessions in USA

You will find many meditation groups in the USA. The following are some group sessions that help you learn various meditations. Make sure to consider the factors discussed above when choosing one.

Insight Meditation Society

The Insight Meditation Center is in Barre, Massachusetts. This meditation center offers several programs, from weekend practices to several months’ retreat. The residential instructors teach students the art of meditation. They try to spread kindness and love among people.

This center is divided into two parts; one for short-term retreats and the other for long-term meditation practices. They also have a place for the students who want to stay at this center. Most importantly, they offer group meditation to people who want to learn together. You will notice a unique, satisfying feeling after performing retreats in this beautiful place.

Alaska Stillpoint Lodge

As of its name, this meditation center is located in Alaska. This place is known for its lakes, mountains, wildlife, and breathtaking views. The ideal location makes this center the best place to find peace and happiness. The Alaska Stillpoint Lodge offers wellness retreats that aim to nurture your soul. This retreat is available in three, four, and five-day packages. The package includes feasts, organic cuisines, wilderness hike, and yogi, silent space, and other things.

You can join this meditation center if you want to enroll in group meditation retreats. The peaceful and beautiful environment, plus great teachers, will help you find the motivation to practice meditation your entire life.

San Francisco Zen Center

You can find Zen Center in Sanfrisco. This center is teaching students since 1962 and is divided into three parts for different meditation practices: Beginner’s Mind Temple, Tassajara Zen Mountain, and Green Gulch Farm.

Additionally, this retreat center offers daily meditation, regular practice periods, lectures, classes, and workshops. Here you can find people belonging to different beliefs and backgrounds. As they teach various people at the same time, it is also great for group meditation.

Bottom Line

Group meditation is fun and a great learning experience, as you get to interact with like-minded people. So, if you feel difficulty practicing meditation alone, you can join any meditation groups.

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