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Conscious Manifestation Brainwaves: What You Should Know

Conscious Manifestation

During the past recent years, several topics have become famous between the followers of the law of attraction. One of the famous topics is the relation between conscious manifestation and brainwaves. There are many fans of this law of attraction out there who think that either through meditation or brain entertainment tools we can make our soul use lower frequency brainwaves.

As for us humans are always on our fight to find more and want more, so it is becoming common these days to use brainwave meditations as the means to get pleasure. You can also dive into deeper levels of consciousness through it.

Now whether you believe it or not, but there are subconscious thought processes which along with our hard work and smartness play a great role in our success. Although have you heard the name of oscillating electric impulses? If not, then we find these in our brain and they have a major role in letting us find pleasure in different aspects of our life. Our question remains there though, what is the connection between a successful manifestation and brainwaves? Don’t worry, in this piece of writing you will surely get your answer.

What are brainwaves?

All the decisions we make are through complex reactions happening inside our brains. Our brains have a very big network of nerve cells or neurons.

When they communicate with each other, oscillating electric current is produced which then generates an overall electric field. These neurons are very important. All the information which is conveyed through our bodies whether by electrical or chemical means, is done through these cells called neurons.

They generate some synchronized electrical pulses which then generate waves. And these waves are very much detectable through some medical equipment like electroencephalography (EEG). When all of our ideas or emotions are formed, these electric fields are being generated in our brains.

Now it is to note that these brainwaves or signals are not physical but a measure of electrical activity happening inside our brain. It should be interesting to know that brainwaves can be of several types as other waves are. For now, scientists have categorized these waves into five categories. The categories are based on the frequency of brainwaves which ranges from low to high. Each wave generated in our brain is responsible for a particular thing which is very much like musical notes.

The Five Types of Brainwaves

1. Gamma Brainwaves (30 – 100 Hz)

When your brain is on a high mental capacity, these are the ones being formed inside your brain. They are measurable quite easily. Whenever you are onto something new or learn something new your brain creates these gamma waves. These are linked to concentration or focus.

2. Beta Brainwaves (14 – 40 Hz)

If you are between your friends, family or doing anything which requires your attention, then these are the brainwaves you experience. Your neurons are on a red alert during these interactions as you focus your attention on the world outside your brains.

3. Alpha Brainwaves (8 – 13 Hz)

When you dive into something deep and think of the thing that might bring you the pleasure and happiness you needed all your life, for example, your future, your spouse, and even your favourite food, then Alpha waves are triggered.

4. Theta Brainwaves (4 – 7.5 Hz)

These brainwaves are also known as ‘third eye’ by the chakra yoga experts. This is because these waves appear during deep meditations. This is the level of meditaion ususally only experts experience. An ordinary man can only have the theta brainwaves generating in their brain when they are dreaming during sleep.

5. Delta Brainwaves (0.5 – 4 Hz)

These brainwaves are also somehow associated with the meditation. Delta brainwaves are experiences when we are in a state of unconsciousness. You can dive in to unconsciousness through various means. For example, extremely deep sleep, meditation or consuming something which can lend you into unconsciousness.

Train Your Brainwaves for conscious manifestation!

It is not new that we can train our bodies however we want to behave. In the same way, we can train our minds to generate different brainwaves. Once you learn the deep state of meditation you can control your frequencies and even your dreams. This is because once you control your brainwaves; you can also reprogram the conscious and subconscious thought process of yours. This is where conscious manifestation starts.

Check out this Audio for Brainwave Synchronization for Meditation and Healing

Now here we are going to tell you a meditation exercise through which you can process the alpha state and further deep dive into the delta state.Be prepared for the exercise. For the very first step, get yourself and your body settled into a comfortable posture. Make sure to keep your back straight, shoulders loose and close your eyes.

Once your body completely relaxes, you can now notice your breathing. You can notice how calm and chaos-free your breathing has become. Notice the silence your body is producing. Once you know you are completely relaxed body-wise, make your mind to lose all the unnecessary thoughts. Keep doing this until you find a rhythm according to your body for your breathing.

Now start noticing the movements of your body, the movements of your chest while you exhale and inhale.

Keep breathing normally and gently. If your thoughts are intruding, don’t try to just block them. Let them pass slowly and slightly. And then bring your breathing back to the calm.

When you are focusing on your breathing, notice any one of your emotions or feeling at that moment. Just focus that emotion and let go slowly, and continue your breathing.

Do you know what this exercise did to your brain? It slowed down the activity of your brain of 13 cycles per cycle. Your brain has reached a state of calmness. This is when you have reached the alpha state.

Your Conscious Manifestation

Continue this exercise for further states. A point will come where your brain will be out of its thoughts and that is when it enters infinity. This is what the theta state is and where conscious manifestation happens.

Support this process by using Power Thought Cards during the day. They will keep you in an inspired state.

Hi! We are Daniel and Reto from NoMind Coaching. What started for us with reading The Secret is now coaching manifestation and the law of attraction to others. It is likely that twins have the same interest, but here it is really the same passion. We both started with reading The Secret and were both equally inspired by the law of attraction concept and started to live our lives and find out what works and how you can use it in your daily life.

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