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The 5 Best Spiritual Foods to Higher Your Energy

Spiritual Food

Whenever you consume anything, whether it’s natural and fresh or processed and refined, you absorb its energy into your body. The quality and level of that energy greatly impact the quality of your vibration level and health. People who munch on junk foods that manufacturers produce by adding chemicals don’t avail significant nutrition, which lowers their energy level. However, if you consume spiritual food like natural, healthy, and unprocessed food, your body will get the necessary nutrients, and your energy level will also increase.

Moreover, drinking high vibration water and eating a high vibration diet will purify or cleanse your body that has the ability to work with your spirit and mind. The electric circuits present in different parts of your body, such as the brain, nervous system, and heart, will also function at their optimal ability. This will boost your health and allow you to focus and think clearly. Having the ability to vibrate and concentrate at a higher frequency provides you a way to understand the messages that angels send you while you meditate or pray.

Natural and Healthy Food Contains Positive Healthy Energy

Any type of food that you consume in its pure, natural, and raw form contains a high level of energy from the earth’s natural light source, the sun. This energy is the primary cause that helps them to vibrate at higher levels; it is great for your spiritual and physical health. Conversely, processed food items lose a higher level of their energy. This is why they have vibrations with much lower frequencies. Due to this, you can get beneficial energies by eating an apple rather than consuming processed apple jam.

The following are some types of foods that can provide you healthy higher energy because of having the ability to vibrate at higher energies.

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruits
  • Brown rice
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Whole grain bread
  • Olive oil
  • Raw honey
  • Fresh spices
  • Fresh herbs

It is important to note that the energy of these foods reduces when you fry, microwave, or dehydrate them. This is why fresh pineapple provides you higher energy than canned pineapple.

Best Spiritual Food to Higher Your Energy

Here are the 5 best spiritual foods that you can consume to boost your energy level physically as well as spiritually.

1. Raw Cacao

You may already know that cocoa is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. In addition to it, cocoa is an ideal food to support the function of your pineal gland. People also believe that it enhances one’s intuition.

Raw cocoa also has the detoxifying ability, which helps you get rid of negative energies from your aura and body. These foods are not only delicious, but they are also extremely energizing, helping you balance energy levels the entire day.

Lastly, this food also promotes calmness in your mind by limiting negative thoughts and elevates your mood, making you ready to perform mindfulness and meditation practices.

2. Avocado

Avocado helps your brain to function accurately because of being rich in natural fatty acids. Plus, it complements different types of cuisines and dishes. That makes it the perfect spiritual food.

You can use it as a substitute for processed breakfast scrambles and cheese on sandwiches. It tastes amazing when you add it to smoothies. You can also enjoy its taste by adding pepper and sea salt to it. They are the best source of boron, which promotes decalcification of the pineal gland. Apart from all of these, avocado helps you emit positive energies with higher frequencies. This helps you prevent and get rid of all the negative energies in your aura and body.

3. Garlic

Preparing meals in garlic is an older practice of spiritual practitioners due to its alkaline nature. Garlic also has the ability to detox calcium if you have it in a significant amount. This food also helps you cleanse the inner and outer negative energies. Thus, it helps you achieve a higher frequency of positive energies.
Some people also use garlic capsules to take advantage of their properties. However, the best and potent method is consuming raw garlic.

Of course, don’t ever consume raw garlic when your stomach is empty. Garlic is a strong food, and eating it raw has a much stronger impact. It’s better to start consuming it in lower amounts to determine the response of your body.

4. Beets

Beets are great for detoxing all the heavy metals of your body. It also cleanses the pineal gland when you eat it raw and fresh. This food also helps you feel more balanced and centered, especially if you are experiencing ascension symptoms.

Beets can significantly help you keep yourself emotionally and spiritually stronger. It is much beneficial when you are around people who can drain your energy. Hence, it will help you retain your energy in such situations.

5. Dates

Dates are one of the foods that are highly beneficial for your physical and mental health. Like avocado, dates also come with boron. It is a food that can support your endocrine, glandular, and nervous system’s function to help you get optimal energy.

If you want something sweet, it’s better to consume dates than refined sugar. They provide you nutrients and minerals that help you balance your positive energy instead of draining it.

Bottom Line

Besides the ones mentioned above, walnuts, chlorella, quinoa, maca, kale, seeds, spices, and herbs are also called spiritual food that is beneficial for you in multiple ways. Make sure to consume at least one of the foods regularly to maintain higher and positive energies.

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