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The Best Centers for Spiritual Living in the US

Center For Spiritual Living

If you want to learn about the spiritual awakening or want to receive spirituality, you need to practice several methods. In that case, any center for spiritual living can help you understand the techniques for making the connection with the divine force. These centers are best for people who are struggling with problems, anxiousness, and depression. They can get themselves out of despair and gloominess after knowing that they still have a chance to get success in this world.

The following are some best spiritual living centers that offer you different classes and workshops.

Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living

This is one of the popular spiritual living centers in the United States. Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living started their community in 1983, in San Francisco, before relocating to Marin County after several years later. This center aims to help people understand the spiritual awakening. They are also playing a great role in spreading awareness of spiritual living in the United States. They use different teaching methods and techniques to get successful in their cause.

You can also take part in their events, classes, workshops, meetings, webinars, and much more. Besides teaching you the meaning of the spiritual awakening, they also help you practice some techniques that open the door for the spiritual awakening in your life. Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living is affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living, Golden Colorado.

This organization believes:

  • There is a divine higher power that permeates, manifests, and surrounds all physical forms. Everyone and everything is part of the highest power.
  • The collective and personal experience of your life arises from your beliefs. When you change your beliefs, your life also changes.
  • The affirmative prayer is a powerful and strong spiritual method that helps you change your beliefs that no longer serve you in living a peaceful and happy life.

Riverside Center for Spiritual Living

This is another center for spiritual living that is serving people for years. Their experts have an objective to spread the message in a more joyful, relax, fun, and relatable manner. These experts are deeply committed to the world in transformative and practical ways. To help people practice some great methods that can help them awaken their inner self, they take several classes and perform programs. You can join them to learn the wonderful ways to achieve the highest levels of grace and wisdom.

However, Riverside Center for Spiritual Living uses a completely different method to spread its message. They encourage people to live with their highest level of strength and potential with the help of the transformative power of love. For this reason, they teach plenty of effective spiritual tools so that people take responsibility for their lives. These methods also help you to deepen your personal relationship with the divine power.

They offer meditation at 10:00 am, and service at 10:30 am on Sundays that help you to calm and relax your mind and body. For spiritual growth, you can also take advantage of their workshops and seminars.

Ahiah Center in Pasadena

This organization aims to provide you loving and safe spiritual home so that you can easily connect with God. Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living Pasadena does not only help you make peace with the highest power, but it also helps you enjoy the benefits of the law of attraction. This center started giving its services in 2014 with the aim to make this world a peaceful and happy place. They have envisioned a world in which we all grow and live as one global family that honors and respects the interconnectedness of life.

Since the spiritual awakening is something that you can’t practice or get at the time you want, you need to be always ready to welcome it. This is why the Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living Pasadena offers you tips, methods, and techniques to widen the realm of your wisdom. The more open your mind will be, the sooner you will receive the spiritual awakening. This organization has also designed several programs for different causes and purposes. Recently, they are working on a prosperity program that raises awareness about personal financial responsibility. It offers you tools that help you realize that the actual financial success is to connect with our Higher Power.

West Valley Center for Spiritual Living

The last spiritual living organization on our list is the West Valley Center for Spiritual Living. It is a member of the Centers for Spiritual Living, a global organization. This institute believes that the universe has a spiritual base, and it has purpose, intelligence, beauty, and order. They believe in harmony and to honor and respect every religion of the world, as all paths lead to the Divine power, whether you call it Spirit, God, Universal Intelligence, Energy, place, or other things.

West Valley Center for Spiritual Living also believes that humans also have power, which they call Universal Intelligence. This is the power that helps humans get successful in the things they want. In addition to it, this organization also believes that Divine power is a loving intelligence. It never separates from anything or anyone.

With the help of study, spiritual practice, and classes, they have understood our oneness with the indwelling Divine Presence. They practice and teach the methods of how you can live your life according to spiritual principles.

Bottom Line

Spiritual awakening not only helps you to get out of the victim and miserable phase, but it also helps you achieve things whenever you want. You will feel more relaxed, happy, and successful after understanding the spiritual awakening. But make sure to opt for the best center for spiritual living that can lead you to this journey.

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