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Best Birth Affirmations

Birth Affirmations

Childbirth is a beautiful and difficult process. All of the preparation leading up to it can help a future mother feel more confident and calm when it`s time to give birth to her baby. Birth affirmations are a great way to equip yourself with positive beliefs during both pregnancy and labour.

Here we have compiled a list of the most effective and reassuring birth affirmations, intended to help you trust your body.

My body is capable and strong

This positive mantra can be used during the most challenging parts of labour. It reminds the future mother that her body is incredible and able to perform a difficult task, such as giving life to another human being.

I am about to meet my baby

Nothing can be more motivating for a mother-to-be than the thought of seeing her baby for the first time. This positive affirmation is a gentle reminder that all the pain and effort will be worth it in the end.

The power and intensity of my contractions cannot be stronger than me because they are me

Experiencing contractions can be stressful because of their intensity. This mantra is a great way to focus on trusting your body and acknowledging that the pain you are feeling is something you are capable of going through.

I am a link in the endless chain of birthing women

Although the future mother might be surrounded by relatives and medical professionals, she might still feel alone in that she is the only one struggling with the powerful physical sensations. Knowing so many women before you have done it, can give you the confidence that you can too. It can make you feel less alone in the pain and give you the strength to keep pushing.

I am a creative and sensual goddess

What can be more creative than the act of creating a human life? During pregnancy and childbirth, the female body is constantly changing. This can make the pregnant woman overly self-conscious about her appearance. She might forget how miraculous her body is and how there is nothing more noble and beautiful than putting another soul out into the world. This positive affirmation can help her remember this.

Also check these birth affirmation cards to help you:
birth affirmations

Each wave has a purpose

Contractions are like waves. They come and go. They peak, and then they lower their intensity. Reminding yourself that each wave brings you closer to seeing your baby is going to motivate you to push harder even when the contractions get intense. There is a good reason to keep putting in the hard work.

I can do it

So simple yet so effective. Telling yourself that you can do it can make you more confident. After all, we spend our whole lives doing things we have never done before. Sometimes we doubt our abilities, and our motivation drops. Verbally expressing belief in yourself can shift your mindset to a more positive one, helping you to adopt a can-do attitude.

I breathe in strength and breathe out calm and confidence

Proper breathwork is essential for all kinds of physical exertion, including labour. Visualising how breathing in is helping you be stronger can have awesome benefits. It can help you become more present, so you don`t get too wrapped up in anxieties and doubts. Visualisation is a powerful tool that can prove to be useful in such stressful situations.

My body opens easily and naturally

This particular affirmation is quite useful for natural births. It can remind you that your body is capable of doing things you thought impossible. It also serves to soothe your doubts and fears so you can trust your body, your knowledge, and the process.

I surrender my birthing to my baby and my body

Your body knows what to do. It knows how to deliver your baby. It knows which muscles to use and how to shift and move. Surrendering to this knowledge means trusting that everything will be alright. You can use this powerful mantra to calm yourself when you start having doubts.

I have grown this baby, and I will push it out

Don’t forget to give yourself credit for the miraculous process of creating an entire human body within your own.

This will remind you that your body is capable of doing very difficult things.Use these birth affirmations to power through labour or to prepare your mindset during pregnancy.

They will instil in you a feeling of confidence in your abilities. They are also meant to motivate you to commit to the hard work that is giving birth.

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