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Best 5 Law Of Attraction Journal Ideas

Law Of Attraction Journal

Law of attraction journal writing can be a powerful tool to manifest transformation in various areas of your life. The act of writing things down can be a powerful act of creation, so if you’ll commit to doing this regularly, you’ll be in for some great surprises.

If you’re not currently journaling, or you’re seeking new law of attraction journal ideas, the following are some ideas to get you started.

1. Gratitude Journal

Probably the most common law of attraction journal is the gratitude journal. This is simply writing each day about the things you are thankful for in your life. As you practice gratitude from a thankful heart, you’re letting the universe know that you’re all good in the vibration field. This is because a state of gratitude emits high vibrations into the energetic field, and these types of vibrations actually attract other high vibration things, situations, etc.

It’s simple to start a gratitude journal. Any notebook may be used, or you can even use a computer document to start your journal. Get in the practice of writing down those things, people, experiences, etc. that you’re grateful for. Write as many things as you can think of and be sure that you’re allowing your heart to fill up with gratitude as you do. This can be a powerful law of attraction practice that will help you continue to manifest good things in life.

2. Desire Journal

Create a desire journal, listing those things that you desire. List everything from small to large desires. Once you write down a desire, then make a positive affirmation about it. For example, if you desire a new job as a manager, write it down. Then, turn it into a positive affirmation, like, “I am manager at such-and-such company.”

You can even take it further and describe how you’re feeling, and other particulars about the desire. Give yourself permission to act as if you’ve already got whatever it is you’re believing for – and journal all about it.

You can write in this type of law of attraction journal as often as you wish.

3. Manifestation Journal

A manifestation law of attraction journal is where you can keep track of those things that you manifest. Sure, you can write about what you want in your Desire Journal, but it’s pretty powerful to keep track of what you’ve already manifested. By doing this, you’re reminding yourself of what a powerful manifester you truly are! And, it all ties in with staying in a state of gratitude too. You ask for something, believe you already have it, and then it manifests. And, you can keep track of the whole process by journaling.

4. Next Day Intentions LOA Journal

This type of law of attraction journal is all about you writing about how your tomorrow is going to go. Or, how you’d like it to go. It’s a wonderful way to set your intentions ahead of time for the way you want to feel, as well as how you’d like to see your day unfold.

For this type of journal, you’ll be writing in present tense. Even thought you’re writing about the next day, you’ll writing as if it’s today.

For example, you might start off writing about how you feel. “I feel so great this morning and I’m so excited about this day!”

Then, you may write about what kinds of things you’d like to experience.

“Traffic is flowing smoothly. The sun is shining, birds singing, and I’m excited about spending time with my family.”

Keep in mind that some things you’ll write about may be general, while you may write more in depth about other things. It’s completely up to you.

You might also try writing the next day in past tense. This is putting it out there into the universe your intentions for the day, fully believing that they’ll come to pass.

For example, you might write, “Today was so amazing. I got that phone call I’ve been waiting for and the conversation went just as I’d hoped. I also had a great time hanging out with my mom and dad. They cooked an amazing dinner and then we had a nice conversation. I was so blessed!”

5. Law Of Attraction Rampage Journal

If you follow Esther Hicks, then you’re likely familiar with law of attraction rampages. A rampage is a set of sentences, affirmations, desires, gratitude, etc. strung together. You can write down a rampage or speak it; either way a rampage is a powerful way to get the universe conspiring on your behalf.

For example, you may write something like, “It’s a fantastic morning. I feel vibrant and excited for the day. Today is a good day. So many good things will occur today and I’m so grateful. Today, I am manifesting all sorts of goodness in my life: health, abundance, clarity, peace, joy, and more. I am confident that the universe is always sending goodness my way. All day, every day. I am happy, healthy, loved and loving. I am excited about my life. All is well.”

Do you see how you can really get going here? Get in the flow and just create that beautiful law of attraction flow and watch how your days attract light, love, and goodness.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, law of attraction journals can help you manifest the type of life you desire. Try one or try them all. The key is to see what type of journal works for you. Over time, it’ll be great to look back and see how you changed your life by engaging in law of attraction principles.

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