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5 Steps To Manifest What You Want

How To Manifest

The Law of attraction is universal and accessible to everyone. Yet so many people find it hard to put this theory into practice. Attracting your dreams and goals with the power of your thoughts is the true meaning of manifestation. To manifest is to understand the intrinsic power of your brain that can transform your life. The Law of attraction is only the working principle behind manifesting. Understanding how it works is not enough to make it work for everyone. So here is a comprehensive five-step guide on how to manifest anything into your life while overcoming mental blocks.

Step 1: Focus on exactly what you want.

In order to achieve what you want, you must first define what it is that you want. In the context of how to manifest, it means to consciously decide what you wish to achieve and concentrate on it. Focusing will require you to direct your mental energy and daily actions towards the person who you want to be in the future.

In order to figure out your ultimate desire, you need to answer a few questions:

What is important to me?

What would I like to spend more time doing?

Who do I want to be?

When you set a goal, the focus centre in your brain activates behaviour models that fit that goal, making you more likely to succeed.

Step 2: Boost it with emotions

To boost your focus means to empower it with emotion, thus generating motivation and energy. There is no denying that humans are intensely emotional creatures. As it turns out, we can use these emotions to our advantage, instead of letting them control us.

Associating your goals with intense positive emotions like freedom, excitement, or confidence, makes your brain activate neural circuits that in turn, influence your decisions. The boost step is about using your biochemistry to your advantage. The neurotransmitters Dopamine and Serotonin play a crucial role in this process. Dopamine regulates our motivation and reward systems, while Serotonin regulates attention and impulse control.

Mastering our emotions is not about trying to control them. It is about controlling our response to them. For instance, if we decide to perceive something emotionally threatening as a challenge, we activate our dopamine pathways and become more alert.

In order to activate this emotional boost, you need to visualise your goal. You need to give your brain an exact image of what you want. Daily five-minute visualisations can be very helpful for this purpose. Another technique is to create a vision board that represents the different aspects of all you wish to achieve.

Step 3: Release limiting beliefs and blocks

This step is all about letting go of negative experiences, toxic feelings, and unhealthy fixations. It will help you to move on from the burden of your past experiences. The release step consists of two parts – releasing blockages and letting go of attachments.

To release blockages, you need to define the excuses that stand between you and your goal – being too young, too old, not good enough, etc. In order to let them go, you have to consciously identify them, recognise them as false and baseless, and replace them with reaffirming beliefs.

Releasing the desire of your goal might seem counterintuitive, but there is a reason behind it. If you want something, then by definition, you don`t have it. Wanting puts pressure on the self unless you detach from the outcome. If you let go of the attachment to your goal, you will stop reinforcing the idea that you lack it.

Step 4: Gratitude for what you have.

This how to manifest – step will help you learn to see and appreciate the goodness that is already present in your life. Being grateful makes your brain release powerful feel-good chemicals. It is also proven to reduce stress and make you feel more content in general.

To activate gratitude, you need to spend a few minutes of your daily routine, contemplating the things in life you are truly grateful for. For more impact, you could start a gratitude journal. You can add things to it every day.

Watch our Gratitude Video Meditation (8 minutes) and practice it daily:

Step 5: Take massive action.

Doing is the final and most important step in this guide. Here is how to transform your thoughts and feelings into action.

The thing stopping you from taking action is procrastination – the opposite of doing. Putting an end to this habit requires one simple decision: Always take the next available step. It is essential that you commit to moving forward.

The only way to achieve your goals is through consistent daily action. Daily practice breeds competence. Competence leads to confidence. And the combination of the last two leads to success.

Use the five steps in this guide as a blueprint towards achieving your goals. The techniques in it are backed-up by science and require you to trust the power of your own mind. If you want consistent results, you need to take consistent daily action. This powerful manifesting method can be applied to any goal – health, relationships, wealth, confidence, etc.

Take 5-10 minutes from your day to practice these how to manifest-techniques and maximise your manifesting abilities.

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